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Lump In Left Thigh

I am 18 and quite frankly I am scared out of my mind. I am waiting on results from a recent ultrasound, but I discovered a "lump" in my left inner thigh about 2 months ago. The lump is not visible when I flex or straighten my leg. Only when it is bent. I haven't felt any burning, but it feels like an extremely tight muscle that is pulling on the outside of my left knee. I don't know what to think as I don't remember having any trauma or recent injuries to my legs. I have lower back pain in my SI joints. At one point I had severe soreness in my leg to the point where I felt like I had just finished an extremely hard workout. I find it irritating to sit cross legged or with that leg bent. If anyone could help me or give me some input on what it could be like that would be amazing! I'm an emotional wreck over this.
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Yes! I'm here. Stanley cup comes first. Sorry!

Hi lilylackson1996.

Just to put you mind at ease, the vast majority of lumps like what you are describing, are lipomas, which are benign lumps of fat tissue.
The fact that it moves and becomes visible when bending, is an indication it's a lipoma.
The thigh is one of the common sites along with the forearm and trunk.

Do not associate the leg pain radiating from the Sacroiliac Joint  with the lipoma.
Lipomas are generally unsymptomatic and if any pain is experienced it would be localized.

I'd say, go back to your routine, do whatever you normally do and just wait for the ultrasound results.

I had a lipoma removed by excision years ago on my upper back, close to my shoulder, strictly for cosmetic reasons.

Hope this helps, but please note that my comments are not intended as a replacement for medical advice.

Best wishes,
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Thank you for your response. I went to the doctor today and she's ordered an MRI. The lump is on my muscle not on my bone. She says the chances of it being cancer are very slim because muscle cancers are very rare. I am healthy and very active so I'm very concerned.
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Hi Lily, your doctor is probably right with her assessment.
Best of luck and I hope you stay healthy and active for a very long time.

Have a great day!
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With your lipoma were you sent for a biopsy?
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I'm not sure, I suppose it was done all at the same time;  everything went so fast. From the start, I was told it was nothing to worry about.

My doctor made a small incision, left me there for a while, came back and said something like "we're good to go", "this will be over in no time" and
"you'll be able to go back to your routine" tomorrow, but avoid anything to strenuous for a while". About 45 minutes later or less I walked out of the hospital with just a light "stitch" feeling at the site of the lymphoma.

I wish all medical procedures were that smooth!
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I hope mine is as smooth as yours! But as for symptoms, you say it sounds a lot like a lipoma? And if there is no hereditary genes of cancer in my family and a muscle cancer is extremely rare the odds are in favour of a lipoma correct?
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Lily, you're overthinking all this! you'll be fine. Everything points to a lipoma.

Do you stress easy? I suggest yoga & meditation to start. It could be the best investment of your time. Seriously! Your life will become so much better.
If you can't get into meditation on your own (it's always easier in a group setting), checkout YouTube video clips or go to the brain wave generator website.

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