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Lump in back

A lump was found a few years ago during a massage on my back. I didn’t really didn’t think too much about it due to having a benign fatty nodule removed from my abdomen about 10 years ago. It was brought to my attention again recently during another deep tissue massage. It’s on the mid right side of back. I do have an appointment with my pcp next week and plan to have her look at it. But if it were anything major would it have shown up on a ct scan? I have had a few ct scans of my abdomen over the past few years for different things as well as a kidney ultrasound this past Feb and a cyst or lipoma was never mentioned to me. I would think that it would have been a incidental finding in one of the scans. It seems to be alittle bigger than pea size and firm and it’s kind of tender to touch. I am a plus size and was wondering if it could be seen in a ct scan of the abdomen or if I need a scan of my back  
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"I am a plus size and was wondering if it could be seen in a ct scan of the abdomen or if I need a scan of my back"
Hi, an ultrasound depends on seeing the difference between the lump and the surrounding tissue. If a lipoma is in a layer of subcutaneous fat, then it's harder to see - especially as incidental. A CT might very well be similar, since a CT sees density and the density will be similar.

Also, as backhurtz mentions, a CT isn't full body so it depends if the CT slices were at the same spot as the lump.
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"a CT isn't full body"
I should say "it's not necessarily wide area"
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If you had abdominal scans and the lump is on your back, it may not have shown up or been seen during the exam.
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