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Lump in my toddlers lower abdomen

My daughter had fell asleep in my arms tonight and i was rubbing her belly, i then felt a little lump in her lower abdomen like rear her hip, and i was just wondering if anyone knew what this could be also she has some bumps on her stomach and back that is raised red bumps they dont seem to bother her or anything and i can push them and they go away but them fade right back in? She is 2 and she also has down syndrome.
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I'd take her to her PHCP if I were you. Better to be safe than sorry. =]
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i think you should go to the doctor it could be a boil if it is hard or even a olyser...brittany
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awww i am so sorry to hear that... i can't help ya and i'm sorry for that too ; ) but i can pray for her.
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thanks i took her to the doctor today and her dr said that she was going to send her to a peds. surgeon to see what they thought, they did a ultrasound today but couldnt see anything.
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Did they suggest the bump on the lower abdomen might be an enlarged lymph node?  Regarding the bumps on her back- did the surgeon suggest a dermatologist should take a look?
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they did suggest that it could be swollen lymph node in her belly and the bumps on her back no they said it was a viral infection they still haven't made the appointment for the surgeon Ive called i really just want to find out what it is because im so worried and today i found a swollen lymph node in her arm pit its very tiny.
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See private message I sent you for info on lymph nodes.
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