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Lump in tongue (not visible)

Hello all,
I have been suffering from a virus for approximately two weeks, that has included runny nose, sore throat, drainage, etc.  yesterday, I noticed my tongue was bothering me.  It was painful and a little sore.  When I felt my tongue, I noticed there was a lump inside of my tongue that is painful to press on.  The lump is not visible, but can be felt if I grab the top and bottom of my tongue.  It is located on the right side of my tongue near the tip of my tongue.  I went and seen my doctor today and she diagnosed it as a thyroglossal cyst.  In doing more research, those cyst do not typically appear at the front of her tongue.  I am worried about this because my father has cancer in the base of his tongue cussed by HPV.  Does anybody have any insight as to what this can be?  I never noticed it until I got sick and it causes pain every time I stick my tongue out or try to eat.
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Hi.  What do you mean it can be felt?  You feel it with your finger if you grab of your tongue?  I think it is always normal to be worried when we find something like that and you should show your doctor.  It's probably a mucocele. That's a little mucous filled cyst that can be on the lip, mouth or tongue.  They happen for a variety of reasons.  Some people even get them from using tartar control toothpaste!  They'll either leave it alone or use a laser light or cryotherapy to remove it.  Here's some information https://www.healthline.com/health/mucous-cyst#treatment  

If it causing you discomfort, definitely see your doctor sooner rather than later.
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