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Lump on Neck and Very Dry Throat for Weeks

I am a 20 yr old male. First I got a bad Dry Cough. This lasted for about 3 weeks but I know it was normal because my brother had the exact same thing and many people at work had it too. Almost immediately after cough ended I noticed a pea sized hard lump on the left side of my neck 2 inches behind and 4 inches below my left ear. It is well under the skin and seems to be grown out of the large muscle there that runs until it touches the top of my jaw. A week after the lump I noticed my throat/mouth/lips are very dry if I don't talk for a long period or constantly drink. Only really notice at home since I am a Customer Service Rep at work and talk all day.

I know the lump and the dry throat are a bad combo but I have no other major symptoms and the lump is not where my lymph node is as far as I can tell. It is farther back and higher up I think. I also don't smoke or drink at all. I have had the lump for 3 weeks and the dry throat for 2. The lump seems to be smaller rather than larger than when I first noticed. I figure I should get it examined but I hate going to the doctor and don't want to deal with an appointment or 2 if it will just go away.

I guess my question is if anyone else has heard of this combo of symptoms or knows about this type of lump.
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Please go to the doctor.  Those are symptoms not to take lightly.
I know how hard it is to go to a physican, but sometimes we have tto just do it.
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My daughter gets a lump in the same place you described when ever she is ill.  Her Dr. said it is just a swollen lymph node and it can take months to go away.  If it is not getting larger it is probably going away.
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When I was reading your concern it was quite surprising that I'm actually experiencing the same thing. My lump is in the same place but started out in size the circumference of a nickel.  I noticed it about 1 month ago,it didn't really bother me to begin with.  But now I get a really dry throat at work, that catches me off guard and drink litres of water at a time now just to get it to pass.  Almost like a bronchitis type coughing.
Now, in the last two days I've noticed it has grown a little, now to the size of a quarter.  THis time though, it is very painful to the touch and now the right side of my neck running up towards the nape is very stiff and sore.  I can barely turn my head without me feeling some pain.  I have now booked an appt with my doctor to get it checked out.  If I find out what it is I will let you know.  But I would recommend you to get it checked out just in case before it may get worse like me.
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