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Lump on back of neck

I have had a very slight bulge on the right side of the back of my neck for about 4 months. It hasn't really gotten any bigger, but feels more prominent at some times than others. I don't have insurance and therefore, haven't been to the doctor about it. It doesn't hurt, but does seem to itch at times. It is about the side of large marble. Is it possible for a disc to bulge in the neck? Wouldn't that have pain associated with it? Are there lymph nodes in the back of the neck? Any information would be much appreciated.  
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There are many causes of lumps in the back of neck. The most frequently seen lumps or swellings are enlarged lymph nodes, which can be caused by bacterial or viral infections, malignancy, or other rare causes. The lymph nodes in the back of neck are the occipital lymph nodes, the posterior cervical lymph nodes and the jugular chain of lymph nodes.They can swell up after infection or allergic reaction.

Lumps in the skin or just below the skin are often caused by cysts, including sebaceous cysts.Sebaceous cyst is a closed sac or cyst below the surface of the skin that has a lining that resembles the uppermost part (infundibulum) of a hair follicle and fills with a fatty white, semi-solid material called sebum produced by sebaceous glands of the epidermis. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sebaceous_cyst

It can also be a swollen muscle.
My suggestion would be to wait it out for a few weeks to see if it changes in size. If it gets smaller, it was nothing. If it happens to get bigger or is associated with any other features, then make an appointment with your doctor.You may take some pain killers or some anti-inflammatory drug if you have pain.Application of warm compresses may also help.
Hope it helps.Take care and regards.

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