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Lump on my head behind my ear, fatigue, leg rash, memory loss..

I'm always complaining about something..some say I'm a hypochondriac at such a young age. [18]

Lately I've been experiencing really weird symptoms and I've tried googling them but I really don't care for the answers I recieve.

These are some of my symptoms, it would be greatly appreciated if somebody told me I'm not delusional for a change.

- Neck, back, joint pain. Often, cracking of the back when i'm laying down and I breathe.
- Memory loss, extremely BAD memory. I cannot remember something someone tells me 5 minutes prior.
- Severe Headaches.
- On and off sickness. I get sick a lot.
- Fatigue, never having energy to go out.
- Depression.
- Lump on my head right behind my left ear.
- Extremely itchy rash on my right leg, below my knee.
- I'm always pulling the muscles in my neck. [ticks] They come and go.
- Feeling "out of it" and dizzy often.
- Severe mood swings.
- Bruised easily, I always have a bunch of bruises on me.
- Can never sleep at night and sometimes sleep all day..other times I don't sleep at all.
- Weird eating patterns.
- It may be normal to lose hair but my hair seems a lot thinner than it used to be.

That's all I can think of right now but I'm sure there are more..
Please help me. I know I'm going to have to go to the doctors sooner or later but I really don't want to.
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Oh, not to mention I used to get EXTREMELY bad stomach aches when I was growing up. [roughly age 7-14]
To the point where I was on the floor kicking and screaming, couldn't breathe. They'd usually last about 5 minutes straight and then go away but that 5 minutes was definitely the worst pain I have ever experienced.

Everyone used to tell me I was faking it and there was nothing wrong...I beg to differ.
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If you have not had any blood tests done I would suggest seeing your doctor and getting this done.
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I am SOOO not patronizing you.
All of your symptoms seem to be related to your depression.  Depression can cause very serious, real physical symptoms.  Have you seen a psychologist/psychiatrist regarding your depression?  Also, if you say you are a "hypochondriac" then you invariably have some anxiety issues as well.   Please see a doctor.  There is help available for you.
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Are you on any medications right now as this could easily cause drowsiness, forgetfulness, brain fog. Blood work would be a good idea to make sure your blood count values are all in sinc. A lump in your head needs to be checked by your physician. Do you have any allergies that you know of (re: stomach cramps). Depression could result in lethargy, memory problems etc. as well. Sorry, don't know what else to suggest. Really curious about what your doctor is saying and what tests you have had done to date.
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Oh, I definitely don't think you're "patronizing" me.

My doctor wasn't in yesterday so I saw the walk in clinic doctor instead. The same guy I went to with back and neck problems and he asked me to touch my toes, I did and then he proceeded to say there was nothing wrong with me. Anyway he thinks that because I was on prozac a couple years ago that it IS just depression. Just in case I'm getting blood tests done tomorrow though.

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  My girlfriend of six years seems to have a few of the same symptoms. I don't know what conclusion this thread has come to, but I'd like to know.

  Since I've known her she's had symptoms like:

  Severe headaches. Have seen many doctors, E.R. and practitioners. No help whatsoever.

  Bruises easy and sometimes for no reason...lately just on one leg. Severe bruises that look like she got hit with a baseball.

  Memory loss...can't remember anything and blames me saying "you never told me that" or  the best "we never had that discussion".

   Lots of rash problems. Always has some itching and bumps somewhere...most of the time on clothes lines ie. where underwear rub waist or bra touches back.

   Fatigue. Maybe just laziness, but never has energy. Sleeps alot or not at all...one or the other.

   I just figured after all the blood work, doctors, catscans, trial and error programs, medications that there may be someone somewhere that could put all the symptoms together. We seem to switch doctors alot because of her insurance and have to start over before we get anywhere. We've had the same tests done over and over just because the new doctor wants to have their own.

  Any info could help.

Thanks Abe
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hi...just wanted to say that I have had all the symptoms that you are describing.
I have done a lot of research and tried many different things to try and heal myself.
This is just my opinion but it has helped me tremendously.

First of all, I was very toxic.  I needed to do serious detox and change my diet.
Second, I was overly stressed and had adrenal exhaustion, depression, headaches, and all the
other ailments.

Here's what I recommend.

First of all, go to an adrenal specialist..abnormal thyroid levels are very hard to detect.
Special tests have to be done, and sometimes they aren't accurate.  Or you can try
an adrenal supplement.  (abnormal thyroid causes depression, fatigue, moodiness, etc)

Second, take a flaxseed oil supplement (not fish oil as they have many contaminants).
It has fatty acids that your brain needs...relieves depression and memory problems

Third, do a detox program...any will do.  Best one I've done is Dr. Natura...will clean intestines,
heal stomach and digestive problems, and any parasites in your system.

Fourth, take reduced glutathione (I take Yarrow's 500 mg reduced glutathione) to remove
heavy metals and toxins from your system.

Fifth, change your diet to heal your body.  Few things I recommend are fresh pineapple.
cut one whole pineapple a week and eat every morning...it improves alkaline levels in your
body and heals bruises, etc.  Also drink grapefruit juice on an empty stomach..this will
improve bile function and clean liver, kidney and bladder (you will also lose weight)

Sixth, do a tonic drink which will also help alkaline levels in your body.  This is a great
tonic and will also cleanse your organs.  Drink this on an empty stomach every other day
for two weeks.

Bragg's apple cider vinegar (2 tbls)
fresh lemon juice (1/2 lemon)
fresh grated ginger (1/2 tsp)
grade b maple syrup (1 tsp)
cayenne pepper (1/2 tsp)
1/4 cup distilled water

And last...this one is especially good for women to help regulate your hormones and stress levels.
After your monthly visitor, take this soup.  It's called Ba Zhen soup.  It's a chinese herbal soup you can get in online from a couple different sources.  It has eight different important herbs for the female
reproductive system.  Cook it in a slow cooker for at least two hours with chicken or an egg.

Do all these things for at least one month...two months for optimum results..and you will
be amazed at how much your energy level will change..and depression and all other symptoms
will almost disappear.  I feel for all of you out there who are suffering, and I know this seems like a lot
to do, but it's so much better than being on some antidepressant...those are only band-aids.   I used to sleep all weekend, hair fell out, moody as hell, itching, hair falling out, felt in a fog all the time, headaches, depression, lumps in different parts of my body, fatigued...you get the picture.

So good luck!
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one more thing to consider is emf radiation...lump on the left ear could be from frequent cell
phone use.  But emf radiation poisoning is basically electrical pollution...if you work or live in an enviornment with lots of electrical signals (i.e. computers, near power lines, etc.) you can get too much exposure which can cause a lot of these symptoms.

The other thing that might cause the lump on the left ear is the lymph node failing to properly

hope this helps.
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Just a thought, my friends had some similar symptoms. They had a small Carbon Minoxide issue.
I have also heard of mold causing lathargy and depression. The thing is if the both of you are having health issues you might want to check your surroundings. Maybe even your lighting or decore. Maybe you need more sunlight or uplifting seenery.
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I have swelling and pain in my calves, a rash with white heads all over my legs, bikini line, arms (some of the ones on my arms are blisters, fever. I cut myself on a beer can and I am concerned about staph infection.
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Hi There!
Most of these symptomes you described can possibly be caused by an auto amuine disorder called "Hashimoto's  Disease."

Hashimoto's disease is an autoimmune disorder in which your immune system inappropriately attacks your thyroid gland, causing damage to your thyroid cells and upsetting the balance of chemical reactions in your body. The inflammation caused by Hashimoto's disease, also known as chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis, often leads to an underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism). It's a defect of the pituitary or hypothalamus (Located in the brain ) and it causes you to get all these wack symptoms!
I suggest you ask you Doc. for a TSH blood tests that measure levels of thyroid hormone and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH). that will consist of a "A hormone test" & "An antibody test"

Hashimoto's disease is an autoimmune disorder that often strings along
other autoimmune conditions and disorders associated with Hashimoto's disease like "Type 1 Diabetes", and "Celiac Disease" that cause more complicated symptoms similar to  the ones you described!
I Hope you don't let this prolong, if left untreated It can be quite serious!
Good luck!
Shmelly Cat

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I had surgery for a pituitary tumor almost 2 years ago. My nose just healed recently. I seem to be experiencing a lot of short  term memory loss, extreme tiredness along with excessive urination and thirst. Are these symptoms that occur after this type of surgery. I had very little followup after the surgery as my surgeon told me after being in the hospital 3 days.2 in Intensive care that I could go back to work the next day and also drive myself home from the hospital. I had very little trust in him afterward and his followup care was minimal. No further  tests have been ran and I now am without a doctor to check these problems. What do I do?
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Your situation sounds very much like diabetes 2. Please, have it checked by a local doctor
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