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Lumps behind my ears and in other places.


I have been having possible cancer symptoms since I was 15, I am now 26.

The first lump I notices when I was 15, my right testicle was about twice the size as the other, this was not normal.

I was worried for a while but the size went back to normal so I wrote it off.

Since then it has grown and shrunk many times.

Next I notices a hard lump on my lower abdomen, followed by another on my upper abdomen.  

Then I found a marble size hard lump on my fore arm half way to the hand.
After that I found another one a couple more years later on my upper left leg, just above the knee cap.

Most recently (6 months ago)I discoverd a hard lump form right behind my right ear followed by a smaller one forming behind my left ear.  I also have been wakeing up with soaked hair line and sweaty body, not too bad but night sweats altogether.

Then I noticed another lump form on my scalp above my face on my hairline, small but hard and present.

I also in the past 6 months have had what appears to be strep throat 3 times.

I have seen 2 dif. doctors when I had the strep.  They both did strep tests which came back negative.  They also did, other STD tests which all came back negative.  They said not too worry.. I was like WHAT!  But that's what they both said, seperatly.

I do like to live a worry free life, leaving it in Gods hands, but here latley I have been at least curious as to what's wrong with me.  I'm not affraid of death but I am concerned for my loved ones, those who will miss me, my mother!

Please help me if you can!
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I also have found a lump on my penis, small but very scary!!

And the lumps behind my ears hurt soo much after a night of drinking alcohol, so much so that I quite going out drinking with my friends.

could this be either:


or what?

Also I do sort of self medicate...   I smoke alot of marijuana.
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Does anyone know what this might be?

I always feel fine except when I wake up sweaty.  Some days I feel a bit weak or tired but that's all.

Thanks for your help.
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I would find a new GP and explain to him what you have just explained here.
A testical swelling isn't good.These lumbs that come and go could be cysts ,they can get irratated and swell.But you need the ones behind your ears checked.
Self medicating isn't always the greatest.Excessive marijuanna smoking can cause strep like symptoms.Your body could be having a reaction to the marijuana.I beleive in marijuana usage for chronic pain when conventional meds have failed.I use it on occasions for MS pain when meds aren't working.
Try to cut back and see what happens.
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Don't know if you have insurance or not and if you would need a referral to see another doc...but I would do whatever I could to see another doc.  It's not that I think you are dying or anything - it's just the fact that this is a cause of worry to you - when it could simply be nothing to worry about.  I agree, that the testicle swelling isn't normal - almost sounds like it could be a cyst.  But the lumps in other areas could be something else - like infection somewhere.  I would cut out all alcohol - it really doesn't help at all.  I drink red wine occasionally for the relaxation and the great antioxidants - but only a glass or two.  I have also used marijuana in the past for chronic pain - it does help with that - but I would cut way back on that as well.  I hope that you find some answers soon so that your anxiety level will taper off.  Regardless, I would see a new doc!  Good Luck
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