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Lumps on foot appeared over night

I got woken up by pain and itchiness on either of my feet.
I have two lumps that seemed to have appeared overnight.
One is on the fatty part on the top of my big toe, and the other is on the soft area of the inner side of my heel.
Both lumps are firm.
I’ve tried to google it but I just keep getting things about joints and bones, but the lumps aren’t in areas with that.
I haven’t been wearing shoes that have caused irritation, I’ve just been wearing some sturdy cushiony flip flops that don’t touch the areas where the lumps are.
I checked to see if it was just bug bites, but it doesn’t look like it is, there’s no puncture mark anywhere.
They probably around half or abit more of an inch  They’re slightly pink, and it’s painful to touch the skin- it kind of feels abit fuzzy when I touch it?(not that my skin is fuzzy, but the sensation is) they also are slightly painful/uncomfortable even when I’m not touching.
Any idea what it could be?
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Have you looked up "Covid toe?" It almost sounds like what you have described.
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Yes. It is not that as it is affecting my heel also. Also the toe that it is effecting isn’t entirely swollen. Just a lump under the skin with localised redness, it doesn’t really look like what I have seen for Covid toe.

You could rule out Covid by taking a home test.

Web MD lists other ways Covid toe presents:
Along with swollen, discolored skin, it’s also possible to have:

    Raised, painful bumps
    Areas of rough skin

Some people also notice a bit of pus under their skin.

Who Gets COVID Toes?

The condition can show up at any age, but you may be more likely to get it if you’re a child, teen, or a young adult. The American Academy of Dermatology says that young patients with COVID toes seem healthy, and many of them don’t get more common symptoms of the virus. Those who do have symptoms of COVID-19 tend to have mild signs.
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