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Lumpy thing in lower abdomen.

So im lost on this. Mostly cause i dont really agree with my doctor on this.

Anyways. What im feeling is that in my lower left abdomen. From the crotch to right under on the left side on my bellybutton is a lump.
Its about 13 cm long and goes about 1 cm to about 5 cm wide at the top.

It was sore at first when its wasnt this big. Meaning it was just as long in the beginning, but not as wide. More like 0.5 cm wide.
now a week has passed and it only grows.
Its not sore or painful anymore, but now it just bugs me as i can feel it pressing against my jeans and such.

What could this be?

My doctor said its the edge of one of my abdomen muscles. . . But how can it swell up like that?
plus, when i flex- If feels like its more in the fat tissue since it doesnt move with the muscles at all.


So added info now.
Just in case this might help.
On several tests throughout the years there has always been a tiny bit of blood in my urin. (nothing i can actually see with my naked eye). But they never found a reason. (might be my anxiety meds..... yes i suffer from anxiety and this bugs me. But mostly cause I can physicaly feel this lump. )

Aside from that I tend to get severe pains in my left lower abdomen a couple times a year.
Also my stool has a mind of its own and varies allot in density and color.  (thin, hard, brown, yellow, greenish)
I also suffer from some acid reflux.
That should cover the stomach. Well aside from my doc is sending me in for a ultrascan to see if I have Bladder stones.

Btw, he did the whole balls and caugh and said theres no hernia.

K done.
Long lump in fat-. What is it?
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btw when it was smallest and sorest it actually felt like a vein. But no idea if there are any between the fat and muscles.
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    It sounds like a hernia.  You may have lifted something heavy or stretched too hard to reach something and tore a muscle in the abdomen.  Unfortunately the test for hernia is a barium enema - so darn uncomfortable!!! They stick at tube up your rectum and inject some clay like stuff and you want to poop so bad and you can't.... makes you sweat!!   Anyway then they stand you up to see the bulge.  -  They take a sonagram and tell you to go home and drink lots of water.
     If you have a hernia, they schedule you for surgery to correct it because if your intestine gets "strangulated" stuck in the hole of your muscle,  it can get infected.

    Hope this information was helpful and sincerely hoping you don't have a hernia.  But it is pretty common.  Keep after your doctor as an infected intestine is life-threatening.
Wishing you the best
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Thanks for the info. Yeah just called and persisted to have him look again today. So lets see. Ill report back. Thanks again.
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