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Lyme Disease?

I have been biten by a tick on my stomach in may of last year. I did not notice it until the next morning because it was red all around it. The redness disapeared in 2 days. I went to my Doctor a week latetor and she tested me for lyme and said it was neg. Soon after I had a stiff neck for about 3 week went chrioprator. A month i had dull pain in my right inner groin and pain when i lifted my right leg and thigh. She took xrays of right hip said i must have a sprain. Then i started have abomainal pain and neausa consatpation and then dirria. Then my baby finger half of my ring finger and side of hand got numb. They it was a pinched alnua nerve.This contiune for 3 months. She pricribed ibprofen 800mg 3 times a day.My leg  and my digestive system got worst. I change doctors They sent me to thepry for my leg and took a hip xray and it show arthisis in my hip. I went to othopedic Doctor 1 month later  he said i need a hip replacement but i am 340lb so he said i would need to lose weight.They did a colonoapy and endoscope and said my stomach was mildly irrated.I take 40mg of prilaset 2 time a day now and fibacom . I now have pain in both thigh and lower back and adobamin and can't walk for more then 20 minitues. I wake up in pain every night and now my knee is starting to hurt.. Last week i started having weekness in my left hand . Seen PA  and he is. sending to see a nurogist on wendays. I am tired and very depressed. I do have bipor and is overweight. They say that is my problem. But i contenuly keep getting worst. and all this stared happen 10 months ago. I don't know what to do. I am 55 years old and lost my job because of all this. I know my body and i feel there is something going on causing all these problems.

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If the test for Lyme’s disease was done just once, after 7-9 days, then this test should be repeated. The time from when the tick bites to the time when one has symptoms may vary from a week to few months. The neurological symptoms you have could be due to compression of spinal nerves, Lyme’s disease or due to peripheral neuropathies as in diabetes and hypothyroidism. Hence it is important to run tests to identify what the problem is.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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Tuesday i got blurred vision felt weak went to bed. I woke up and was very dizsy the room spining. My sister cam over when i stood up my BP was164 over117. So she took me emercy room.They addmitded me and did cat, scan mri, echo cardicogram. i could not stand or sit up without getting dizsy. I stood up when i got ther and my heart rate went to 148 so they kept me laying down. They put me on mecezeene 4 time a day and 2 day later dischrge me. i still get a little dizsy. and very tired. i been sleep a lot.They say it was vertigo and happens for not reason. This is just one problem after another for the last 10 months.
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