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Migraines triggered by pressure in lower back

Hi all,

I've had a debilitating symptom for two years now, that prevents me from sitting back. If I sit back, and have the seat push into my lower back, I almost instantly get numb, with a dull migraine and severe light headedness.

I've had 3 MRIs that i've paid for, but the UK medical professionals haven't been helpful and aren't very interested. The only information i've got from them on these MRIs was that there is some natural wear and tear on my back as well as some possible narrowing of the cannal.

I personally think it could be to do with nerves, but wondered if anyone had any suggestions.

Thanks in advance!
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When it comes to your health, sometimes you have to take things into your own hands unfortunately.  You're you're own best advocate.  Time to get proactive. Try to figure things out and ask the doctors for things (hounding them if necessary, even if it's just so they give in to shut you up).

We know the 3 common possibilities..
-Something structural compressing a nerve or vessel.
-Some local inflammation putting pressure on a nerve or vessel.

To rule out inflammation, you can try 2 weeks of a daily oral NSAID to see how much improvement you see.  If it helps, I'd beg doctors for a steroid injection.  Along with the hydrocortisone, they can add some lidocaine and do a nerve block as well.  This helps calm nerves down for the next few month.  

If it helps just a little bit and/or you want to rule out muscular... You can try 2 weeks of daily Acetaminophen, heating pads, massaging, and stretching.  If it helps, I'd beg doctors for a muscle relaxer.  Chlorzoxazone is a good starter because it's safe and effective.  

If nothing works and/or you suspect it's structural, you can beg doctors for a medication that helps with nerve pain. Amitriptyline is a good start because it's extremely safe, yet helps with nerve pain and migraines both.  

Good luck.

This is amazing advice, thank you so much - I am meeting a doctors tomorrow (Private) and GP in two weeks, i'm going to try as you suggested; thank you!
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I assume that you have had a bone density scan and ruled out osteoporosis? I'm thinking about some kind of compression when you lean back.
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I've not looked into that - thanks! When i sit back or lean back its all fine, the only issue is when i'm sitting on a chair and it pushes into my lower back (what would normally offer me comfort and support). My working theory is some nerves are being pushed, or canal is being squeezed - it causes me to go dull, with a migraine and extremely light headed.

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