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Mild fever for more than month(..

For the last whole month, I am having low fevers during the day. Not severe but I don't feel so good but doing all normal activities. 3 months back I had unprotected anal exposure but all std and hiv tested negative now,post 90 days. During all this time I was panicked and had anxiety..My blood pressure went high too.The fever started a month back, and then after 2 weeks when it still persisted with sore throat, I went to doctor who described it as bacterial infection,  gave antibiotics for a week but it didn't help. All blood tests came up normal too. I am not able to understand the reason as it's been so long and fever again starts..paracetamol does give relief but I want to know and cure my condition..anyone have similar issues..And solutions, please share..
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So I came to know it's CMV infection...
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You had a bacterial infection. The antibiotics didn't help. Did you go back to report this to the doctor?
Yes, and then doc prescribed another different antibiotics for a week more. No improvement then doc prescribed an ENT specialist who said maybe it's fungal and 1 week medicines which didn't worked either. I asked him for do throat culture which he said isn't necessary and the antibiotics I took for 2 weeks were good enough to destroy any bacterial. Also visibly my mouth/tongue looked fine. Now at 150th day I got tested for mono and cmv. Mono was non reactive but positive cmv with these values-
Cmv igg 45.9 u/ml
Cmv igm 10.2 u/ml
Then I did cmv avidity test
Cmv igg avidity (eia) 76.5%
I did liver, kidney and general tests too which came out normal. Just raised cholestrol and very low vitamin d
ENT specialist who said maybe it's fungal and 1 week medicines which didn't worked either.
So what did ENT person say after it didn't work?
He didn't had any specific answer. Then I myself informed him that I tested positive for cmv. He then asked to rest a lot, gave some vitamins, throat spray and said it will take some while to be well enough
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