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Mitral valve prolapse, Nipple pain, H1N1 flu shot needed

I have mitral valve prolapse. I have two questions. Why do I get frequent sharp pain in my nipples? Can I take the H1N1 flu shot?
About me: Male, tall and thin aged 30 and do get chest pain other than pain in the nipples, dizziness and breathlessness on and off. Not on any specific drugs other than pantaprazole for GERD.
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Both mitral valve prolapsed and GERD could be causing chest pain with dizziness. At times structures in the abdomen can also cause pain in the chest. These are pancreatitis, gall bladder stones and hiatal hernia. Other than that it can be costochondritis, eczema, dermatitis causing nipple pain. Please get a complete cardiac reassessment and a a re-evaluation of GERD by a GI doctor.
Hope this helps. Take care!
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I had Mitral Valve Prolapse and never experienced  the sharp pain you are experiencing.  I have to agree that this pain is not related to MVP.  
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Thanks a lot bypeep. I am a male and with a thin body structure with no significant breast tissue. Then why do I get the pain in the nipples and not in the breast tissue. I don't drink any soy or herbal supplements. No stuff like cohosh and the likes. Where does the pain orginate? Is it due to heart or to be specific coronary spasm or any thing like that. What test are needed? Visit to cardiologist doesn't seemed fruitful as he refused any tests?
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If I had to guess, I'd say that nipple pain is completely unrelated to cardiac pain.  That is if the pain is solely in the nipple and not deep inside the chest.  I get nipple pain too, but I'm a female and this is due to fluctuating hormones.  Men have ducts and breast tissue, so it's entirely possible that you are experiencing discomfort there because of the breast anatomy.  Do you drink soy or take any herbal supplements?  Stuff like cohosh and the likes can cause changes that might trigger breast tenderness.

Breathlessness can be a symptom of GERD.  

Ask your doctor if flu shots are safe for people with valve disorders.
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