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More Updates to my Long and Crappy Month! Help?

This is long but here is the timeline:
Mid February - Feel a little off. Gaining weight and very tired. Mildly annoyed at things I normally never feel poorly towards.

Feb 26th - March 13 I notice Ive been having  back pain which is worsened by my flight. I fly to Texas and am very tired. I keep blaming caffeine withdrawl. I keep thinking Im fine. Back pain grows and grows until I stumble a few times.

I am worried about carrying my child and hurting her. I take ibuprofen regularly, so I dont notice the fever creeping up. I start sleeping more and more and gain weight (starting right before this) and I confide in a coworker that I thought it might be mild depression even though Im not depressed per se! I suddenly jump from my normal 128 to 136lbs in a matter of weeks. No change in diet. Constantly thirsty.

Mar 12th -
I complain about being hot to my sister who says its cold. At 4p I feel like if I dont drive home now, I wont make it. I have to slap my cheeks to stay alert, I am so fatigued, like the deepest level of sleep deprivation, very suddenly. I make it home, but I can barely move, I somehow get my child in her crib but I cant close any door and her shoes have fallen off, etc. I collapse and ask my best friend for help.

I take my temp its 103.1 but I am shivering so hard its 82 degrees and I feel so so cold. I take 800mg ibuprogen @ 5:30

I check in at 6p to the ER. I am hilarious and no one takes me seriously because I keep cracking jokes. My temp is still 102 and Im dehydrated.

Urine is tested, which leads to scan with dye on kidneys, kidney is infected. Tonsils are infected. They use term "Bladder and Kidney infection" but Im not sure if that is the same as a UTI or what.

For like 10 minutes they get my temp down to 98.6. But it keeps going to 99.5 with ibuprofen etc. My heart rate is high (116+ 110 while "resting", also whenever I crack a joke my heart rate jumps and I cant help myself), temp not dropping, Im dehydrated despite two bags of fluids, admitted to hospital overnight. Given antiobiotic IV drip (one treatment - they promise more but never come through)

1a: After being neglected in the ER for hours,  and brought up to a room, I sneakily leave hospital.

2a: Get home, take 800mg of ibuprofen, 2 tylenols an hour later, and re-hydrate my body with pedialyte and water, next morning temp is down to 98.6 - sad that my self treatment was better than the hospital.

Mar 13 - See Dr - get antibiotics, fever spikes during the evening even with ibuprofen and tylenol combo to 101.6 - I feel this is due to HFM virus and not the kidney infection, at the time I felt it was the infection.

Mar 14 - Hand foot mouth breaks out all over my hands (my child had it the week before). And feet. It gets worse and worse. Now I know why I had a fever again despite antibiotics.

Mar 15 - Peak of HFM, cannot walk without firey pain in the feet but Im tough AF so I do anyways. Antibiotics seem to be working on the rest.

Mar 18 - HFM, kidney infection pain going away, back feeling a lot better, etc still fatigued - I assume from HFM

Mar 19th - Getting extreme vertigo, back pain, etc. I think Kidney infection is coming back but Im ON antibiotics (last dose I think) I go to urgent care, they say it could be allergies, or the back pain, they believe it is muscular back pain despite the improvement before, urine is really clear, they give me a muscle relaxer and some kind of nasal spray. I didnt use them. 99.3 fever

Mar 20  - 23 - Did OK. HFM blisters now peeling. Back is starting to hurt again. Vertigo off and on.

Mar 24th - Starting to get a mild fever again, back starting to get worse. I get a massage therapist massage for my lower back. It does not help. At some point I lost 6.5 pounds. I was 129 again. Did not change diet.

Mar 25th - See above, fatigue persistent- still on ibuprofen/tylenol periodically so I dont notice if I had a fever or not.

March 26th- temp  reading 99.5 - I dont let this stop me, I go to a booty call of a trusted friend. Its been like 2 years since I had some and TBQH I needed the D. Unprotected cause lets be real I've known him for ages, the condom didnt fit, and I really don't mind getting pregnant by any means (Im in the market for a second child). Bled right after sex. Figured it was an external tear. I dont know, I dont have sex often..

March 27th - I thought I started my period, and again, with the fever reading between 99.2-99.9 made an appointment with Dr. Bleeding only in the morning, very mucousy, did not last. Could be ovarian cyst rupture. Back pain is back with a fury, I almost collapsed on the stairs. Set an apt with a GYN but they arent open until April 11.

Mar 29th - Back pain is by now killing me, urine is now getting cloudy. Fever still around. See Dr get bloodwork done. No more bleeding. Urine smells bad.

Mar 30th - Urine now red tinted, dark, cloudy and back killing me, I am 100% sure its a kidney infection again. Urine smells so aweful. I ask for antibiotics despite the urinalysis not coming back. I sleep for 10 hours. Im so freaking tired. I am feeling cramps in the front of my pelvis, not anything I can identify. Maybe ovarian cysts.

Mar 31 - No improvement 99.3-99.9 (WHILE using ibuprofen.tylenol off and on) Dr says bloodwork is clear and some white blood cells in urine (of course...) and oddly dont have any thyroid problems (I theorized this was why I am sick ALL THE TIME) but also negative on STDs etc. Slightly elevated sugar levels. Dr claims it is a bladder infection again, not kidney. They had to use dye cat scan last time to find the kidney infection so how would this guy know?

April 1 - Urine is clearer, back feeling better temp range 99.3-99.9 I once again feel cramps in the front of my pelvis, not anything I can identify. Maybe ovarian cysts. It came off and on for a day, then came off and on again a couple of day later.

April 2 - Back is WAY better, urine is clearer, I am pretty much convinced Im healed - Go on walk with my fam through huntington gardens , I mention how hot it is outside. My sister who lived in Philadelphia and usually the first person to be hot, is like "No, its not hot" and Im like ... really?  I miss ONE nightly dose of antibiotics because I am so fatigued I fell asleep. My urine still burns when I pee, though. Have cramps in the front of my pelvis.

April 3 - Still have fever, cant check my temp, I can feel my fever. Back is better.

Ive now had a fever that I've tracked for over 7 days. Before that its possible I had it and didnt pay enough attention to write it down. It ranged between 99.3-99.9 and Ive been using ibuprofen off and on for what was supposedly muscular back pain. I have gone to 97 a few times. That its my NORMAL resting temp. Both my child and I regularly rest around 97.3. The thermometer still showing her normal, and me at 99.3 so I know this is not the fault of the thermometer. I am tired of being sick. Doctor sending me for more bloodwork.

UPDATE: Doctor came back "Bloodwork looks good, bacteria in bladder still"
I finished my antibiotics. My back pain is almost gone, and my period came regularly.

I started to get cold like symptoms or sinus infection symptoms as my back was starting to feel better, and now have a 101 fever, mind you I have not had a normal temp in weeks, when I dont use meds. 99% sure its a sinus infection. I've been begging for septoplasty because my septum is deviated and I get CONSTANT sinus infections.

Im still sick. It just NEVER stops. I'm just constantly sick!!!

Anyone gone through this?
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