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Mouth problems

I have a cluster of small white bumps on the inside of my upper lip towards the left and also towards the middle and on the inside of my bottom lip towards the middle. They arent permanent, they come and go but they seem to always be in the same place. Whenever they are there, it seems like my lower gums are very soar where the gums meet the cheek and it hurts to eat or even drink anything, even water. It hurts and stings like i have cuts there. My throat also hurts when i swallow. I havent done anything about it because its never been this bad and im finally sick of it and want it to go away for good. I used to have issues with my lips when i was younger, they got very red for a while and the corner sof my mouth would constantly split and have a sore on each side. Now one sore is back on the left side of my mouth where my top and bottom lip connect. If i open my mouth too wide it tears and hurts. This is a new problem but it seems to be happening around the same time that all of the other things are happening.
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Canker sores or cold sores .... they can be treated by taking high doses of vitamin C 2,000 to 5,000 mg until gone.  Keep up on the vitamin C about 60 mg per day and they probably won't come back.
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thanks ill try that. i went to the dr. today and she wasnt sure what it was. she gave me some kind of topical ointment and said if it doesnt go away in a week then i have to see a dermatologist.
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could be herpes complex virus if it hurts.
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