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Mucus Membrane Issues- Penis and Mouth Issues

Dear MedHelp:

I come to seek help since I've yet to find it so far. I lived in Tanzania, East Africa for three years and in April 2006 started to have pretty severe penile/testicle pain. This all started after masturbating in the shower and using the water as a means of a lubricant for 30 minutes until climating. Afterwards I recieved a reb bumb and a small cyst like bump between my head and shaft on left side. Days later pain in my testicles and discoloration of my head started. I saw four Doctors (three MDs and one Urologist)  in Tanzania and all said that I had an issue said it was not an STD (since i was celebate for a year) and told me not to worry and it would go away. I came home to California with the hope of recieveing treatment to cure me of what no doctor there could.

Since I've been home I've seen a dermatologist and he said it was lichen plantis (the red bump and cyst) and that the discoloration was not to worry about. I've seen a urologist and he did an ultrasound on my testlces, a urine ananysis and a cytoscope into my urethra and bladder and said all looks good. But agreed that the tip of my urethra is inflammed and it will go away in time, just to be sure to urinate after ejaculation, which I always have done. I saw a regular phyican and had blood work and a urine anaysis done and all results came back as me being completely healthy with no abnormalities. He thought I was depressed and that my pain is pyschologically induced and tried to put me on anti-depressants. I then went to see an Infectious Diseases doctor and was tested for all STD/STI's and other... all tests (HIV/AIDS, Herpes, Syphilis, Gonoreha, Clamidia, Warts, Hepatits B) came back as negative. She did not know what I was experiencing pain from or why my penis would be doing what it was, as well as causing the mouth and gum sores and said I should see a research institution to get a study done. (UCI or USC)

I've seen a Bio Feedback individual for four sessions to help solve any issues. It did some good to reduce the pain but I still have depigmination of my penis head, skin changes on shaft, inflamation in the urethra opening, new spider like vains forming on my penis, needle like pains in my grion as well as unexplainable sores in my mouth and very sore gums, discoloration of my eyes (look aged and poor) and a minor ringing in my ears... over all my mucus membranes seem to be suffering greatly. Thankfully I have no problems obtaining an erection, ejaculating, urinating... but I choose not to masterbate because if I do I experience an increased pain in my penis as if I have had sex/masterbated three to four times in a day. As well as an increased of a burning sensation in side the urethra where it means my head.

I feel I've basically exausted my list of options. I am open to any opinion... I do feel what ever I have contracted is from the water in which I used to shower in that came from an open river and up stream passed by local Tanzanian villages where livestock passed through, people farmed in the river bed, deficated near, etc. I was not aware of this til after my unfortuate health issues started  and have had for 10 months now.

I thank you in advance for your time if you choose to read this and give me your opinion.

All the Best,
A Person In Need
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Have you considered it may be from an insect bite that has transmitted a localized virus? I know we have such diseases in the US...I'm afraid I'm no expert on this subject though...
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Thank you for you time and for reading my story. I had considered that and no where on my body did I have any bites...

Since you said you are not an expert on this subject, could you please recommend to me what forum/Doctor/natural healer I could speak to?

Any advise would be very helpful... some days I feel as though I'm going crazy and I'll never get better. I've been taking xanax to stop the anxiety I get from the extreme recent gum pain and daily penile pain. I do my best to coup with it, but somedays my brain runs away from me and I start to lose hope.

I appreciate your time Medicmommy.... As you do say ((((((((((((Hug))))))))))))))) to you as well. :)

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I had a bit of time to see if I could find any information on the symptoms you listed...I know you've been tested for a few of these already, but here's what I found...Genital herpes...Sjogren's syndrome, and Behcets...Behcet's seems to fit the best...I hope these help...There is quite a bit of information on the internet about this -see if it fits your symptoms...Also, are you having night sweats?...Best wishes...
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I to experience something similar to this. I have discoloration of my penis, skin changes on the shaft, small pimple like bumps arond the head (pearly penile papules) which a doctor says is not infectious and just something that comes from me being uncircumsized, and newly a small tounge like flap on the left side of my head the inside of it that a emergency room doctor told me not to worry about it is just from mucous buildup and would go away. All uralysis came back negative and the doctor suggested I go to a urology just to explain the burning/pain/discomfort in my groin area. I am 22 but at age 17 I was told the burning and discomfort come from a disease I remeber to be called interstital cystits. Which is having no lining around your bladder thus allowing the acids to flow throw the penis burning the inside. I was prescribed a medicine called elmiron to stop this and I believe it worked at the time again i was only 17 shortly after I stopped taking the meds due to lack of insurance.....I am still confusesd that I have no stds and can have such abnormalities with my penies....I am god blessed I am healthy but would love a more clear explanation on these differences that I have compared to others.
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Of course, it could be a lot of things, but as I'm experiencing a similar issue, I've narrowed it down to, most possibly, two scenarios, with the first one being a simple swelling based on abraison, where blood vessels were ruptured, resulting in a quick and intense swelling.  The second possible cause would be a skin reaction to the lubricant you are using to masturbate with.

After thinking I had some **** tumor, and started writing out my will and testement (sorry, I couldn't resist), I discovered that every time I would use a dimethicone based moisturizer and protectant prior to exercise and after sex, my newly irritated member would really blow up.  When I would use glycerin, sweet oil, zinc oxide or any other type moisturizer, I would not experience the intense swelling.  Therefore, while it's possible overuse is causing my imflamation, my current guess is the dimethicone, which is a silicon based skin protectant.  I've been using it for a while because my skin chaffes due to friction from intense aerobic exercise, my fondness for sex and quite possibly chemical irritants from the detergent used by my cleaners.  I have very sensitive skin throught my body, and after being tested for just about every STD I could think of, I'm left to doing trial and error.

You did the right thing by going to the doctor.  While my mysterious moth ball of my penile mucus membrane is dynamic in size, it usually does not hurt.  Only when the dimethicone has been placed over the skin, and it has all day to block the pores from being able to breath.  Especially the mucus membrane of the inner foreskin, which is perhaps the most sensitive area of our manhood.  Pain in your testicles could indicate an inflamation in your epididemus (I spelled it wrong), a back flow caused by twisted blood vessles, or a ruptured vein that has caused lymph to surround the area, blood to clot, and a log jam, so to speak, making for one uncomfortable afternoon.

Sorry for the long response, but you sound very health conscious, and you are ok to have sensitive skin.  Look for lubricants that don't have heavy petrolium derrived chemicals, or switch the ones around until you find something your skin can agree with.  Also, in the shower, be sure and avoid certain types of soap that can also irritate your penis.  Especially if you've just worked it out with friction from your hand....lubricant or not.  Glycerin is a good choice.  Collagen is expensive, but you can try putting some of that on at night, and allowing it to help restore normal skin function.  Aloe, Vitamin E and other organic cremes can also help replenish vital moisture to your male member, as well as protect it during its "off hours" from abrasion thinks to our fancy underwear.

At any rate, good luck, and thanks for coming forward and presenting your situation.  

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