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Multiple symptoms, no answers

I've had problems ever since mY Steven's Johnson Reaction. My History is as follows. I was diagnosed with migraines at the age of 16. When I was 18 I had a bad car accident and ended up with a bad back and neck which the doc associates with the headaches (reversed curve, pinched nerves unresolved etc.). I feel weak in the arms and legs quite often. When I was 23 I had Stevens Johnson Syndrome due to Penicillin/Sulfa. Since then, I lost 85 lbs, chronic dry skin, (which is a result of SJS I'm told). But I cannot regulate my body temperature. I'm always cold, often running 2 degrees or more below "normal". If I get cold, I cannot use myhands, or my muscles tense up and ache so bad that I lay writhing and in tears. It gets worse in the winters. But I'll have flare ups in the summer. The docs called it fibromyalgia. Last year was the worst. On Halloween I had a sudden sharp attack, wasnt able to breathe because of stomach pain. After every test in the book for pancreas, gall bladder, liver etc, I went on trigger point injections and anti spasm drugs. No relief. 6 months of therapy revealed that it was a muscle spasm of the abdominal wall. Well it wont go away. Now its october again and its just gradually getting worse again. Every year seems to be worse than the one before, but they say fibromyalgia isn't progressive. I also get periods of lower hemoglobin and transiently decreased platelets with easy bruising and one small superficial blood clot upon a migraine treatment.  The only abnormalities in my lab work was a slight chiari I malformation, ovarian cyst and liver hemangioma which I'm told all are normal finds. I'm so frustrated I dont know what else to do. The only specialists I've NOT seen have been a physiatrist and an endocrinologist. can ANYONE help me I'm desperate. I've tried chiropractor, massage, accupuncture, therapy. It gets to the point wher eI'm gaining weight because I cant exercise. The fatigue gets so bad, the soreness gets so bad. THanks if anyone reads this.
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I forgot to mention, I'm currently a 28yo female, with no "serious" medical conditions.
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