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Muscle imbalance - tensuin on Right side - piriformis, hamstring

I'm 55 yrs old and Female.
I've had a fusion of L4, L5, S1 3 yrs ago with No improvement.
The surgery was done correctly and the hardware is still in place (recently re-checked)  
But, Rather than getting better I'm worse than before.
I had a class 2 spondyloslesthesis  -and scoliosis with 30+ yrs of back pain issues
(but manageable over those many years).  
The reason for the surgery was that the pain began to appear to effect my sciatic nerve
Maybe from doing a lot of sitting - at a desk - the pain became extremely Unmanageable
Severe, constant,chronic sciatic pain 7-9 on a scale of 10 - leaving me with no ability to
sit, walk or stand for any length of time.
I have some hip rotation (high right hip)
Pain and tension only on the right side.
The Piraformis from where it attaches to the sacrum through the middle and out towards the hip
is always a problem.  The Psoas has been checked by my pain management Dr. and he says it's okay
In the hamstring on the right I feel extreme tension causing pain - down the back of my thigh and
also down the I-T band.  (The pain does NOT go to the calf)
It's my Right side, butt, hip area and thigh.
I also have constant burning pain - on the bottom front of both feet. (Not sure why... but
Lyrica is helpful for that)

I used to exercise and do yoga daily for almost 30 years so I was in good shape and still
remain very flexible.  I do a lot of stretching.  My weight has gone from about 115 to 125 lbs
I'm 5'5" tall.
I do pool therapy almost every day in a 90 degree therapy pool - I hang on a noodle to get
some decompression, do gentle stretches in the water and then finish with 15 minutes in
the hot tub with the jets on my right side muscles.

I've been to many types of therapies - and treatments.
I'm Not a candidate to have a stimulator implanted (per my Neurologist)
Also her post surgery EMG shows my Nerves are Not damaged
I've had many injections with no relief.
I get some short term relief from myofacial release, ultasound treatments and massage

My question is How can I find someone who understands muscle imbalances and get my
muscles re-trained to work correctly so that the tension is relieved and I can do more with
less pain.

I do have to rely on pain meds to get me through a day (which is very limited)
So that I can get to the pool,  Dr. and Therapy appointments and only short, simple

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