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Muscle pain on right side of body

I have had for the past 4 years ongoing muscle pains on only the right side of my body.  The right side of my neck gets tense, my head hurts on the right, my right arm, my right upper back, lower back, my right buttocks, my right leg and all the way to my right Achilles tendon.  Even my chest starts to feel tense on the right side.  I can only describe it as a sore muscle, like after a good workout.  But it's always there.  And if I do try to work out thinking maybe that will help the muscle pains get worse.  My doctor did an xray of  my cervical spine and the middle spine(forget what it's called).  She said it showed significant neck muscle spasm and a tiny bit of arthritis in my neck.  Is the muscle spasm a cause or the effect of something else that's wrong with me?  I'm just wondering if I should see a neurologist.  She wants me to either have a chiropractor, acupuncturist, or massage therapist to try something.  What should I do?
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It is surely advisable that you see a specialist but there is a way to help ...please how old are you and important is your weight KG? Also if you could let me now about your Bludpresure results. Thank you
I am a 36 year old female.  I weigh 118 lbs/53.52 kg.  My blood pressure is 117/70.  
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I am a 36 year old female.  I weigh 118 lbs/53.52 kg.  My blood pressure is 117/70.  
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Chiropractor and massage therapist can be helpful. I've not tried acupuncture but some people said it helped.

Make sure you're getting enough magnesium and potassium (coconut water is high in potassium). Vitamin D3 needs to be above 50ng/mL
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I would definitely recommend seeing a chiropractor and take your x-rays with you. They are trained in many hours of reading them, and can probably ascertain exactly what is going on. I would say that a few treatments will  help you to get to feeling lots better.
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