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My blood work is normal, but I still feel sick.

I'm sixteen year old girl; I weight 111lbs, and my height is 5'3''.
My doctor called and said my blood work was normal, but I still feel sick. I tested for TSH, T4, CBC (w/ autosomal), and westergren (?).  I don't have a copy, but I believe that's all that was tested. Listed below are the health problems that I continue to have:

- muscle weakness and aching (especially in neck, back, right shoulder)**
- loss of appetite
- upper abdominal pain
- tremors after eating certain foods (last about 7min)
- chronic post nasal drip (mucus thickens w/ certain foods)
- difficulty concentrating
- memory loss (short term), brain fog**
- loss of appetite
- fatigue, lethargy**
- sinus headaches, earaches, dry, painful eyes
- anxiety, depressed mood (occasionally)
- easily startled, jumpy
- easily winded
- upper abdominal pain

I'm a little sleep deprived and stressed from school, but I also had most of these symptoms during the summer when I slept a lot. My aunt also has thalassemia minor, a genetic type of anemia, but again my test came back normal. My mom had some problems with her gallbladder, and I think she got it removed.

My parents aren't very supportive, and my father gloated when my blood test came back normal. I'm very upset that I am still struggling with these symptom. Every doctor is inconclusive. Where can I go from here; I really am in pain.

Suggestions, advice?
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Can you write a little about your diet? I agree, your symptoms sound a lot like food allergies or some other kind of digestive disorder - it's amazing how many symptoms can stem from having your digestion a little out of whack. If you list some specifics about your diet, as well as the "certain foods" that seem to make things worse (you mentioned tremors), then I'll have a little more to go on.

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Some of your symptoms could be related to GERD. It is likely a combination of things causing this. I would look in to GERD, chronic stress, and maybe even Fibromyalgia and food allergies. Hope you feel better soon!
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My appetite is so poor; I really don't think that anything sticks out. Milkshakes and ice cream will induce tremors pretty often, but I've been like that since I was about 10. Foods make me really tired too, like pasta.

I'm worried by my muscle pain and weakening, the upper abdominal especially. It's getting so painful; I'm struggling to type this or to write in class.
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Thank you for your help, Bec and Devin!
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