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My illness

I've been to the doctor twice now, first they said it was gastriti and gave me some omeprazole gastro ressistant capsules, then they gave me some cetirizine hydrochloride (i think they thought i had a food allergy) but still i have this illness. It is like a sickness feeling, makes me burp more than usual when the feeling occurs and makes me need the toilet more regularly i think. It started when i went on a trip to a theme park and just started being sick about a minute after eating half of a sandwich. ( as it occurs when im nervous and also in the mornings quite a bit) but i just left that as food poisoning then about a 2 months later i go to another small theme park (i didn't eat as i felt sick, but smelt a lot of food smells) but i threw up again this time some gassy substance, i took some gaviscon to calm it (i threw it up). but i haven't threw up since then, but still get the sickness feeling, today a energy drink caused it mixed with a bit of nervousness. i have a pretty crappy diet eating alot of junk foods but ive cutt down quite abit since i got this illness. thats when i went to the doctor after the 2nd theme park incident. i also baught some garlic supplements as they are a natural antibiotic apparently which i take sometimes as the doctor didnt give me any antibiotics for the gastritis. he never tested me for gastritis though properly by doing a blood test or owt. i also get shaky legs sometimes and dizziness. sometimes i gag at the smell of foods or if ive eaten too much or a food that i don't like. i do take the cetirizine hydrochloride as well  omeprazole at the same time in the mornings. im 19 years old, im not pregnant. im pretty skinny (i also actually really like theme parks but feel as if i cant go to one or i'll just throw up again)
Its a weird illness
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I forgot to mention that the apple cider vinegar should be raw, unflitered organic with the "mother" in it.
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Hi amezamez. Sorry for all your suffering.

Much of your suffering is because of the poor choices you have made
so far... and you know this.

Gastritis can be diagnosed from symptoms alone, however, antibiotics should have been prescribed along with the omeprazole to fight H.Pylori, the most common cause of gastritis.
I don't know if what you're taking now is doing anything for you.

My opinion is that you can do many things on your own, starting with cutting out the "crappy" foods. Put nothing made in a factory in your mouth
and the same for fast/packaged food. If you don't, you are predisposing yourself to a lifetime of suffering and illness.
So optimize your diet, eating fresh healthy foods. Take probiotics, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera juice and virgin coconut oil to help cure your suspected gastritis. Black licorice tea or supplements also help.

Theme parks may not be the ideal place to hang out, but if you do go in the future, just make sure you have eaten a good nourishing meal before, as the food choices there are less than desirable for anyone's health.

Best wishes,
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