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My inflammation blood work is off. What’s wrong?

Doctors haven’t figured out what wrong with me. I am in pain on a daily basis in multiple joints and have the feeling of just being off and extremely tired. I also have some, but not many red marks on my skin that won’t go away with medicated creams

Background and tests
36 year old female
. I have high blood pressure (under control with meds)
. Hypothyroidism (under control with meds)
. Left ventricular hypotrophy (I think ok)
. Fainting (only when in unexpected pain)
. Restless Leg and jerking in my sleep (under control with meds)
. Bone spurs and mild arthritis in my right ankle, Lower and center spine and straighten of the neck
. Migraines
. Vitamin D is low at a 12 (just started taking meds
. Ace blood work is high at 73 u/l
. CRP is high at 20 mg/l
. Sedimentation Rate is high at 33 mm/hour
. Triglycerides are high at 230 mg/dL but they are getting better from were they were at over 500
. Cholesterol is now normal but was high
.My ALT has been high for the last year Ranging from 44-53 u/l
. White blood count was high on my last blood test in January at 11.42 K/ul
.Lyme, ANA, CCP Igg Ap, rheumatoid factor, c3 & c4, hepatitis b & c, and ssa & b blood tests are all normal.
Also, my brain mri & Chest x-ray is normal. My doctors have ruled out ms and Rheumatoid arthritis. So what can be wrong that throws off my inflammation blood work? Or a direction I can go? I have been so frustrated and seems like everyone
I go to the doctors, it is something else add. Thanks in advance.
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The results could be because of the arthritis you mention. All the test reveals is inflammation somewhere in the body. You mention multiple areas of arthritis, and with not much else in relation to the elevated inflammation tied in, arthritis seems the likely cause.
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"CRP is high at 20 mg/l"
That's pretty high. What was going on at that point? Any infection? Or is that long term, being so high?

You can have "reactive arthritis" without it being rheumatoid arthritis. You've had some very advanced inflammatory testing, but there are tons more (IL-6 and TNF are some of the most known/used).

"Or a direction I can go?"
I would try fasting, which is very anti-inflammatory. First, to see if that helps. Second, because you have high trigs. Though I'd ask the doc first, if you were going to fast for any great length.
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Thank you. No I was not sick when my crp blood work was done. But I do know that usually when I have my white blood work done, it’s usually high. I see my Rheumotologist in two weeks and I am pretty sure he is going to ask for more blood work since there is still no diagnosis. I will ask him about the blood work you mentioned. Thanks Again.
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Did you take your blood labs correctly, marker? Inflammatory markers?
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Yes, I did everything they ask before any test (fasting/non-fasting) etc.
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