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My most recent problem

Hi, I have been sick for over a month almost.

It started with dirrhea from something I probably ate and then had a uti and then I have this pain on the right side.

Don't know what it is but feels a bit better after I pee like three times.

I just had a gallbladder ultrasound and they said it was good.

The pain is so bad that I can't sleep at night sometimes.

I get the pain really on whatever I eat, sometimes I get nausea real bad but no throwing up yet.(knock on wood)

Bending over makes it worse, I have like what feels like a pressure of air on the right side if I lay my arm across my stomach it hurts from the heaviness like their is a balloon in their.

I like drinking a lot of water but don't feel like it is all coming out.

Went to the urologist which told me I was fine and sent me to a surgeon which told me I was fine and sent me to a GI specialist which I have a appointment with on Monday.

To me this is chronic irritating pain and I am starting to get tired of the pain and hard to manage.
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Where exactly is your pain? You mentioned things like the gallbladder and stomach but then say that urinating makes it better. Is your pain in the upper stomach, lower stomach?

The pain worsening when bending over and waking you up at night sounds a lot like acid-reflux issues or gallbladder issues. How did they check your gallbladder? Did they do an ultrasound or CT scan? You can also have what's called a HIDA scan where they check the actual functioning of the gallbladder rather than just taking a picture of it. The GI doctor can order that scan. An endoscopy can rule things out like stomach ulcers or H. Pylori infection.

Other things to consider I guess just depend on where exactly your pain is.
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I agree with asking for a HIDA scan. My gall bladder was removed due to a low ejaction fraction. this means that I had no gall stones whatsoever...when they did the HIDA scan they found that my gall bladder was not functioning at all. All the waste products that normally flow through were just sitting in there making me sick...much like you sound. I would ask about that for sure.
Hope this helps.
Also, try lying on your left side. Just incase it may be really bad gas. You never know. Lying on your left side also helps with digestion....just a thought.
Get well soon.  =)
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Thanks for the comments.

The pain is like lower right.

I don't get a growling stomach when I don't eat anymore, I try to have something in their but very limited now and what I can eat. I try to drink lots of water though.

They did a ultrasound of my gallbladder and told me it was okay.

Sometimes I only get pain when I eat something that probably isn't right on that bottom right side and sometimes it radiates around the right to the back a bit not far. I don't know what to do besides drink water and urinate and when I urinate it is mostly yellow in color.

The other night I had chicken cooked on the stove, breaded and oil, few pieces of asparagus, and later a piece of cake(I was hungry)
After 4hours of sleeping if that I was up with crying irrirating pain in the lower right side.

last night I only had some soup, and a baked potatoe with nothing on it, slept throughout the night, up early, but tired and fatique with bloodshot eyes but I slept!

I see GI doctor Monday!

This has been going on for over a month and starting to get tired hard to handle sickness, loss of energy and kids.

Thanks for all your comments
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Glad you're seeing the GI. That's probably a really good idea. I hope he/she sorts it out for you.
I think the GI is a good idea but if you guys end up with no answers then maybe an OBgyn would be the next best thing?
Keep me updated! I want to know what the GI says!
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Thanks, yesterday I ate a few pieces of toast and grahmn crackers and some pieces of bland cake with no frosting and my menstraul cycle is towards the end and the pain isnt their so much, so will have to see.

I already saw the ob when my menstraul cycle was late, she said all was okay.
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Well, waited for the G.I. appointment and went in with horrible pain and told me that he would order me a scan for my gallbladder.
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Well I went in and they said my gallbladder is fine, they said I have spastic colon.
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Welcome to the MedHelp forum!
Yes IBS or spastic colon could be a possibility. Lower right abdomen pain is commonly due to appendicitis. The pain, can at times come and go and not give the classic picture and may be missed on ultrasounds. Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis, inflammatory bowel disease, infection in kidney, kidney stones, and constipation are the other possibilities.
Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Take care!

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Thanks, but a lot of those have already been eliminated.

My regular doctor told me to take acid pill, she said it might be a ulcer starting.

So, we will have to see.
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