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My neck and jaw is in pain!!

Saturday night I was going to a friends house in Long Island and it had just snowed but it was then raining at the moment. I was walking down a ramp of the house and I slid down flat on my behind and banged the back of my head on the wooden ramp. The center of the back of my head hurts if you touch it but there is no lump there which I find unusual. The crazy part is that my front and back of the neck feels stiff as well as my jaw. It hurts so much even if I sneeze. I fell right on my tailbone and I feel it hurting but what hurts more is underneath my stomach as I lift or even move. What do you think this might be? Should I go to the Emergency Room?

This discussion is related to swelling/pain in jaw and back of head after excessive vomiting.
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When there is sudden neck flexure the cervical vertebra compress thre cartilidge. This often results in lifelong pain that develops six months to a year after the injury.  There is disagreement on treatment.

You need an MRI.

Keep well hydrated, take NSAIDS.

One protocol is to use an axial traction device intermittantly (THREE TO SIX MINUTES) for short periods six to twelve times a day for the first three weeks. A cervical collar is often prescribed, but this is not a good idea except for the first day, because it encourages muscle atrophy and loss of muscle tone.

I would go to an ER of a teaching hospital where there is a neurologist and an MRI.
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Well, it sounds like you pulled some muscles. I'm sure it's REALLY painful. I've hurt my neck and I feel like I'm dying. You many have a slight concussion, but really no treatment for that. Just be careful.

If your pain gets worse or persists, see a doctor.  But a fall can really hurt because as you fall, your body tightens up in anticipation of the fall. That just endsmup hurting more muscles.
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