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Mysterious Shaky Muscle Symptoms

Hi Everyone! New to this community of sorts and want to pose a question I know has been asked similarly on some other threads.

For the past 3 months I have been experiencing some pretty significant neuro-like symptoms.

-burning pain around spine (neck and mid back) that last for days and is very painful
-muscle twitches below neck when resting
-muscle shakiness/quivering muscles around hips, arms and neck when muscle are brought back in towards the body
-nerve pain in arms and legs
-sore ribs
-both hands tremble when elevated

Like many others I've had both a spinal+brain MRI, CT scan, EMG/Nerve Conduction study and numerous blood tests to rule out other nerve or muscle related conditions. I don't appear to have a thyroid condition or have a vitamin deficiency (although my iron levels were pretty low). I even received a second opinion from a neuromuscular specialist who believes most of these symptoms are 'psychosomatic'. Even if this is true my symptoms continue to persist and make me feel quite anxious.

I am wondering if anyone who has had these symptoms has experienced relief... do these symptoms ever go away, or do your symptoms continue to persist without a known cause? How do you cope in your day to day? It has been very hard for me and although I have been 'cleared' of the more severe conditions (MS, ALS etc.) I continue to wonder if something's being missed here. I miss feeling the way I used to and pray that someday I will once again!

Would appreciate anyone's insight if they have suffered through the same symptoms, or a doctors take on what might be going on.

Thank you!
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Mysterysymptoms, I'm sorry you're dealing with this.  My mom had the trembling hands & doctors couldn't decide if it was Parkinson's or essential tremor.  But I don't that she had any of your other symptoms.  Another relative of mine has Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM).  Did they test you for that?  It causes muscle weakness & muscle pain but I'm not sure of the exact symptoms.  Whatever the cause is I hope you get some relief soon!
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Thanks for your reply Twinkletoes_12, I've wondered if some of these symptoms could be related to an 'intention tremor' but so far docs haven't looked into it. As far as IBM I have had my muscle enzymes tested (creatine kinase and aldolase) which came back in range but I know a muscle biopsy is the gold standard for these types of conditions. Thank you for all the well wishes and hope you are well!
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Doing well here, thanks!  I hope you'll keep us updated.  I'm interested in finding out what it turns out to be!
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Wow! Reading your story is almost identical to my medical situation. I was diagnosed with dystonia that caused chronic pain, as well as muscle pulling in my neck when I was in my early twenties. Firstly, I wentto the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. The specific diagnosis was spasmodic torticollis. I live in Canada, but supposed free healthcare is horrible healthcare. It can take up to two years, or longer to see a Neurologist. Suffering badly, I sought help at the Arizona Dystonia Institute, in the care of Dr. Drake Duane. He is a foremost expert in neurological/muscular diseases and syndromes. I had all sorts of testing, including many CT scans, MRI scans, brain mapping, and far too many things to mention.

As Canada doesn't offer much of anything when it comes to accessing healthcare, I spent over $60,000 out of pocket in Arizona and Minnesota. When I did see a couple of Neurologists in Canada, I was placed on an opiate regimen. I was prescribed 540 mgs of Morphine Sulfate Continuous (MS Contin) for over twenty years. Over time, I had enough of being constantly drugged up. I didn't tell my Neurologist or my GP that I was weaning myself off of the opiates, as well as a whopping daily dose of Valium. Once I finished the detox, I found the MS Contin had a rebound effect, causing more pain on this opiate than when I went off of this evil medication.

I was doing very well for over 21/2 years when new pain appeared primarily on the right side of my body. This pain was chronic, yet mysteriously traveled through my spine, my right side back musculature, my right arm, right chest, right leg, and sternum. When sitting upright or walking, the pain ramps up tenfold. I was even having difficulties getting upstairs in my home. As well, walking about ten strides to the bathroom was becoming more difficult. While standing or walking, I can feel my right leg muscles tremble, as well as similar trembling in the aforementioned right side musculature.

Four different muscle relaxants were prescribed, with no relief of my symptoms. Working with my GP, she prescribed Ambien to help me sleep. I found the Ambien really helped mitigate the chronic pain. Clonazepam @ 3 mgs twice daily (Klonopin) really helps as well.  Before being prescribed the Clonazepam, my balance was off due to the constant muscle pulling. I fell many times, needing help to get back on my feet. As of now, I'm still in constant pain. I am waiting for an appointment with another Neurologist who is a specialist in muscle disorders. I feel fortunate to be a cup-half full type of guy. Life goes on, and I'm out and around, doing the best that I can. All of the answers may not be forthcoming for you or me. I would suggest a trial period of at least a month on Clonazepam. Remember that your team of Doctors are there to help you. Hang in there, as things can get a whole lot better. Campaigner8
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