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Mystery Diagnosis lots of symptoms looking for help
22 year old male, 5'7 135lbs, Sick as of October 2009.  Family history depression, anxiety disorders, heart problems, but all later in life.

appendicitis and surgery December 3rd 2009

3 x CBC-normal
Hepatic function-normal
Coag profile-normal
3x Basic Metabolic Panel- normal (except always low potassium and high calcium)
Hepatitis Panel- Negative
West Nile-negative
Cortisol Levels-normal (Dr. said slightly elevated but fine (stress))
Lyme Disease-negative
Metanephrines Blood - normal
Epstein Barr - levels high
Tuberculous Skin Test- Positive
2 Chest CT's- normal
2 Chest X-rays- normal
CT of Sinuses - normal
Abdominal CT - Normal except for appendicitis originally looking for kidney stones
3 EKG's normal- but some fluctuations and sinus arrhythmias Cardiologist claim I have a perfect beating heart
Echocardiogram - normal
Ultrasound of lump in armpit-Normal diagnosed as lymph node has gone away
Last eye check Jan 2010 - vision 20/20 pupils dilated could not see any cranial pressure
Dentist- Good dental hygiene TMJ Disorder
Neurologist: No diagnosis on head pain but did give full neurological work over for feeling, eye movement, strength said everything was fine    

Symptoms/Complaints in Oct 2009 weight 135 lbs blood pressure 112/70
General fatigue
Weight loss Originally weighed between 145-150 now between 130-135
loss of appetite
sharp head pains
neck pain
heart palpitations

Had appendicitis 2 days after diagnosis of Anxiety
doctors thought I would recover from everything above

Symptoms as of March 2010
Sense of impending doom
Shortness of breath
heart palpitations
orthostatic hypo tension symptoms (headache upon standing, near fainting)
tingling (no numbness) throughout body mainly hands, feet and face
odd pressure in sinuses and across forhead feels like little bubbles popping
Near fainting spells feels like all the blood leaves my head
Daily headache/ sharp head pain
Horrible neck pain/ sharp lancating pain down side of neck behind ear
Random ear aches
All pains except headaches and normal neck stiffness last under 2 seconds but may be repetitive
No weight gain even with increased diet
coldness of hands and feet
Erratic blood pressure I have had high blood pressure on two doctors visits 142/80, 146/88, by the end of the visit though it is always down below 130/70.  Taking it on my own after a very stressful period it was 156/88 but quickly dropped to below 130/70.  Last time it has been checked though besides ER visit in which it was the 146/88 mentioned above it is always below 125/70.  I usually take three readings at the drug store I go to first reading is around 125/70 then I will get around 115/65 finally a 107/60 or something like that it usually doesnt go much lower.

Healthy young male, athletic, weight lifter, hockey player, runner. No previous health problems until the end of October 2009 after returning from a 3 month work trip which covered the United States working in Utah, Nevada, Kansas, Buffalo NY and New York City NY.  Only complaint on the trip was minor soar throat and one episode of vomiting bile after a long night of heavy alcohol use (which is rare for me).  Came back home feeling as normal as always mid October.  I left again late October with girlfriend to go out to Vegas for a week.  On the trip only drink  alcohol, ate fast food and sushi and very little sleep. Driving back home I suffered a case of extreme diarrhea and first time feeling generally horrible to stomach, dizziness, stomach pain, extremely sore muscles general malaise. Since then symptoms have grown as mentioned above with no diagnosis yet.  Also, although I have just noticed this I am going to bring it to my doctors attention on tuesday, it is kind of gross to say but I have not taken a brown bowel movement in the last six months. Doctors always ask if I have regular bowel movements which I do 1 a day usually but I never thought of color till recently my stools are usually soft even though my diet consist of a lot of fiber and protein.  

Could this be an issue of malabsorption caused by repetitive alcohol abuse and lack of proper diet for 4 months.  Are there any kinds of parasites that could cause this I did eat some unusual food for myself lots of poorly made indian food on the first trip and sushi (crab, eel, yellow fin, tuna, caviear) on the second trip to Vegas.

Or if anyone has any other ideas I could bring up to my doctor next week please let me know. Fatigue seems to be worsening, but it has periods of getting better.  I try to keep a record of what I eat but its usually the same thing everyday breads, cheeses, a vegetable, juice, bananas, oatmeal and some sort of protein even with this diet and no alcohol use since last October my symptoms have not lifted.

Thanks I look forward to hearing from people,
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How'd your appt. go?

With your history of anxiety, the soft stools, if they are softer than normal, could potentially be a result of an irritable bowel.  

Random ear pain strong possibility related to your TMJ dysfunction.

Regarding the positive TB test, but negative chest x-ray- did they put you on isoniazid for a year?  That was the prescribed treatment for me.

Are they prescribing anything regarding Epstein Barr elevated test level?

Low potassium can cause tiredness, constipation, palpitations, tingling or numbness, and depression.

High calcium- have they tested your parathyroid hormone?  High calcium I read is never normal.

See PM for more info..
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Low potassium can also cause fainting due to low blood pressure.  Have you had your blood pressure and pulse taken lying down for ten minutes and again after standing for two to three minutes?  If so, with what results?
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Thanks for your reply and concern!

I got a great new doctor on tuesday and I hope to have an answer to your questions shortly.  I will answer the ones I can however.

My parathyroid has been tested and it was 10 so my doctor said keep an eye on the calcium but the parathyroid is basically were it should be.

My new doctor is actually running the new blood test for TB so we will see what she decides.
I think she may be leaning more towards lyme disease which she claims could do the things with my heart and also the pressure in my head.  She is also running a MRI of my head for this an all the tingling sensations.

Potassium is always borderline low, but I meet with a cardiologist tomorrow and I will bring up the blood pressure thing.  I have been eating bananas daily for the last couple weeks. Im not sure if things are getting better or not. However, my blood pressure at the last couple doctors visits has been 130/80, 120/70, 120/70 so its not extremely high.

Does anyone have any experience with B vitamin deficiency or magnesium deficiency it seems both could explain my symptoms. And how they came on after a long period (4 months) of lots of alcohol abuse and very little sleep.

Any other info would be appreciated.  

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