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Mystery GI illness nightmare

4+ weeks of diarrhea, nausea, vomiting (vomiting after meals), weight loss (6 ft tall weighing under 125lbs), fatigue, abdominal pain and can’t stay warm.    And I feel like I can’t think straight

Stool sample: “negative”
X-rays and CT scan were “normal” but they haven’t given me specifics yet

WBC: 15.3 th/uL High
RBC: 3.74 mill/uL Low
HGB: 11.7 g/dL Low
HCT: 34.4 % Low
MCV: 92.1 fL
MCH: 31.4 pg
MCHC: 34.1 g/dL
RDW: 12.9 %
PLT: 384 th/uL
MPV: 6.6 fL
Segs: 80.3 % High
Lymphs: 7.6 % Low
Mono: 10.8 % High
Eos: 1.1 %
Baso: 0.2 %
Neutrophil, Abs: 12.3 th/uL High
Lymph, Abs: 1.2 th/uL
Monocyte, Abs: 1.7 th/uL High
Eosinophil, Abs: 0.2 th/uL
Basophil, Abs: 0 th/uL
Sodium: 136 mmol/L
Potassium: 4.1 mmol/L
Chloride: 98 mmol/L
Carbon Dioxide: 30 mmol/L
Glucose: 117 mg/dL High
BUN: 8 mg/dL
Creatinine: 0.76 mg/dL
BUN/Creatinine: 11
Calcium: 8.6 mg/dL
T Protein: 5.6 g/dL Low
Albumin: 2.8 g/dL Low
Globulin: 2.8 g/dL
Alb/Glob: 1
Bili Total: 0.3 mg/dL
Alk Phos: 79 IU/L
ALT: 12 IU/L
AST: 10 U/L
Anion Gap: 8
Lipase: 6 U/L
eGFR (nonAfrAm): > 60
eGFR (AfrAm): >60
eCrCI (Drug Dosing): 112 mL/min
AKI Suspected: N/A

I’m trying to find a GI dr but most are booked for months out, the ER and urgent care haven’t found anything nor offered actual help for my symptoms except iv fluids etc

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Um, you got your stool sampled, but did anyone test you for all the viruses and bacterial infections you might have?  
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I don’t know they haven’t sent me the actual print out yet.  The drs said it was “normal”.  My Covid test is also negative
Because of elevated neutrophils and monocytes, I think it is a bacterial infection. Make sure you are well hydrated. What was your question though?
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