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NORMAL gyno test results but still experiencing abnormal symptoms

A few weeks a ago, I had abnormal discharge that was heavier than usual and also smelled fishy. Knowing that this wasn't normal for me, I went  to my gyno. She tested me for any possible stds, infections and I had a Pap smear done. She also took a culture of a bump I had on my labia, she was pretty positive it was not herpes or anything to worry about, but she just wanted to test it to be sure. All of my results came back NORMAL, however, I'm still experiencing the same kind of smelly discharge, but not so heavy. I'm so confused and frustrated to what is going on down there! Could it be that this is just my "scent" all of a sudden?

Could the results of all my lab work be wrong?
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Although a fishy odour is sometimes related to specific bacterial vaginosis, it's not always the case. Is it possible you are eating differently from your normal routing (more sugar or alcohol can change the pH of your vaginal secretions enough to change their odour)? I would get re-tested in a couple of weeks if the symptoms continue to bother you. You may need a run of antibiotics. Bacterial vaginosis is not an STD. Meanwhile, don't douche with anything, and make sure you wear cotton lined underwear and loose clothing to allow your vulva to breathe a little..and keep things scrupulously clean and dry.
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my gyno tested me for BV, and the results were negative. the more i think about it though, my eating habits have been different than usual, so that might make sense. Thank you for the advice and feedback, i really appreciate it!
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i agree many things can cause smells even bath or shower products my sons cannot use certain deodorants as they smell truly badly of garlic when mixed with their own bodys so i would cut out all the products you use normally and use simple soap and deodorants and like muggins says real cotton knickers let yourself breathe and of course clean and also importantly though its awkward sometimes dry good luck  
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