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Nausea, depression, pain, stress

I have been receiving treatment for depression for over ten years and have good spells and bad spells resulting in me having a lot of time off work. Earlier this year I was in a meeting with two managers (disciplinary due to abs, postponed as no union rep available) and I became very upset and walked out, looking back I'm not sure what e factly my reason was for leaving just I had had enough. Since my return to work I am constantly in trouble for anything and everything, I was not clocking in and out for breaks properly so got given final written warning as they believe I was taking too long on breaks even though I do not get all breaks as no cover is arranged. I was half hour late after having to go to emergency room with eye problem, again given a warning even though I paid the time back, I bad to take my dog to  be put down and asked for time off, either days hol or whatever they wanted, did all they said and was still in trouble when I went back to work, was asked if I could have waited until my day off to take her!
At present I have been off work with stress and depression for six months, I am now able to enter my work place but shake, feel sick and become  exhausted and confused very quickly whilst there. I am looking for a new job but it's hard with so many people for every job.
I am feeling sick and dizzy a lot of the time I am obese because I comfort eat, I get some exercise walking New puppy and playing with her.
I do very little of anything as I have no motivation or start something  then forget why I'm doing it. I am on antidepressants, mood stabilizers and pain killers, the doc and I have recently reduced some tablets to try and improve my energy. I have done some CBT and stress management but no therapy is available at present.
Could there be anything wrong other than the diagnosed stress/depression? I have blood tests and ruled out thyroid, blood pressure, diabetes, menopause (I'm 50), and ms.
There is a history of depression in my family also cancer on my mother's side.
I know I would feel better if I was working being with other people but the pm has said I will be sacked when I go back, the union say I am being bullied and to let them do what they want then the union will sort it. I know I will have to go into at least six meetings when I do go back each usually takes about three to four hours.
What do I do next, I can't quit as this is my sole income.
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I've had severe serotonin and dopamine deficiency from numerous conditions including nutrient deficiency states - notably vitamin B12 malabsorption (severe serotonin deficiency of note!), magnesium, other B vitamins, vitamin D, calcium, zinc, iron, vitamin A..., hypothyroidism, severe insulin resistance, estrogen deficiency, adrenal insufficiency.

There might be some genetic issues in regards to dopamine (father has Parkinson's) because I've done a lot of work trying to get my levels up and I still have symptoms.  The info below doesn't list all the symptoms and causes of each neurotransmitter deficiency but it's a pretty good list from Nutritional Healing...

"Serotonin deficiency signs/symptoms:

Obsessive compulsive tendency
Think about the same things over & over again
Self destructive, masochistic or suicidal thoughts/plans
Low self esteem/confidence
Anger/rage/explosive behavior/assaultive
Sleep problems/light sleeper
Crave sugar/carbohydrates/alcohol/marijuana
Use these substances to improve mood & relax
Feel worse in and dislike dark weather
Chronic pain (e.g. headaches, backaches, fibromyalgia)
Antidepressants or 5-HTP improve mood
Family history of depression/anxiety/OCD/eating disorders

Serotonin levels may be low due to a combination of genetic and acquired reasons. Serotonin can be raised effectively using either nutrient based therapies or medications. Serotonin is synthesized from the amino acid tryptophan.

Factors which reduce serotonin levels:

PCB’s, pesticides and plastic chemicals exposure
Inadequate sunlight exposure
Tryptophan (precursor) deficiency
Iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, B3, B6, folate & vitamin C deficiency
Inadequate sleep
Glutathione deficiency
Chronic infections
Food allergies
Genetic serotonin receptor abnormalities
Chronic opioid, alcohol, amphetamine & marijuana use
Human growth hormone deficiency
Progesterone deficiency
Impaired blood flow to brain
Insulin resistance or deficiency


Dopamine deficiency signs/symptoms:

Reduced ability to feel pleasure
Flat, bored, apathetic and low enthusiasm
Low drive and motivation
Difficulty getting through a task even when interesting
Procrastinator/little urgency
Difficulty paying attention and concentrating
Slowed thinking and/or slow to learn new ideas
Crave uppers (e.g. caffeine/nicotine/diet soft drinks)
Use these to improve energy/motivation/mood
Prone to addictions (e.g. alcohol)/addictive personality
Low libido or impotence
Mentally fatigued easily and physically fatigued easily
Sleep too much and trouble getting out of bed
Put on weight easily
Family history of alcoholism/ADD/ADHD
Dopamine levels may be low due to a combination of genetic and acquired reasons. Dopamine can be raised effectively using either nutrient based therapies or medications. Dopamine is synthesized form the amino acid tyrosine.

Factors which reduce dopamine levels:

Chronic stress
Inadequate sleep
Lead, arsenic and cadmium exposure
Tyrosine (precursor) deficiency
Magnesium, iron, zinc & vitamins B3/B6/C/D deficiency
Excess copper levels
Genetic dopamine receptor abnormalities
Chronic opioid, alcohol & marijuana use
Adrenal insufficiency
Glutathione deficiency
Parkinson's Disease
Estrogen deficiency
Human growth hormone deficiency"
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well hello, mrs jolantro this is ahmed a medical student , may ask u some question dear i understand ur feelings there are some question i wouldlike to ask
do u get panic attacks ? fearful situaions
how about ur mother and father ? are they okay
how is your sleep ?
how is ur exercise ?
you dont have to tell any one your condition but there is a program that can kills depression and minimize it is effect completely
at one point of time i got depression severe enough  to make me leave my tutorial sessions and face imressing situations
and if possible tell me about your marriage ?
thanks dear  
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I really think u should continue to take time for yourself and enjoy relax see if u can seek some counseling for this disorder and remove all bullies from your life
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