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Neck Back Pain Chest Tightness/Pain Lump in Throat

Please Help! My back starting hurting last week, next day chest felt pressure in the middle of breasts with occasional sharp pains on left side of chest and neck, day after back of neck is sore occsnl pain. I feel like I can't take a full breath of air. Then my arm felt tingly and then felt a little numbness. I went to ER, thought heart attack, blood and ekg were normal. Then went to Dr two days later still having symptoms and I'm awaiting test results from stress test. This is not anxiety or heartburn, symptoms sound the same, but they feel much different than both. Dr isn't quite sure. I have had very high blood pressure since giving birth 3 months ago, also was diagnosed with Bells Palsy 3 days after birth and almost fully recovered from that. Heart rate stays around 100 bpm and bp usually stage 1 or 2. Never had heart or bp issues before this pregnancy. It's been 3 days since Dr visit and yesterday I had a new symptom like a lump is stuck in the bottom of my neck or throat. Today still have all listed symptoms, and Dr doesn't have test results yet. Just wondering if anyone has had this or knows what could be the cause?!?!
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I have similar symptons and am now booked in for second gastriscopy by new surgeon - looking for problem with asophicas.  Possible spasms.  May be worth looking to this area.  I have had heart tests, blocked bile duct tests, bariameal swallow test, and all are clear.  Its terrible as the main and intensity feels like a heart attack - same numbness and tingling down arm, also pain in left breast which is also disconcerting.  Good luck.  Not very savvy on computers so if I loose you - good luck.  Pros.
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I have the same symtoms, lump in my throat, tightness in my chest, sharp pain and neck pain. It's been more than a month and I already did the Barium swallow and  I was advised that it is GERD, I am taking Nexium but I still feel the symptoms and I am so worried...
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This August I had my throat and neck go numb and I had a sick feeling.The next day I went to the court house to pay taxes and my throat felt funny plus my heart began to race and for a second I thought I may pass out.I took myself to the emergency room.My blood presser was a bit high but all seemed normal.I went home then at a restaurant I started to feel ill again.Back to the emergency room I went and they could not find anything but they sent me to the Nebraska Heart Institute. They did all sorts of tests but my heart was good and strong.I still have a lump in my throat at times and feel a need to take deep breaths to loosen up my chest.I have had one big attack since then but what can I do?!?My doctor just put me on omeprazole for acid reflux but I never have had heartburn that bad but I sure hope this is what I need.The lump in my throat is there right now!!!
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Hi, I've had the same problems for over a month...I just looked the symptoms up the lump in the throat is called Globus Pharyngeus, thought to be brought on my stress and other things.  I believe the other symptoms are as a result of stress as well.  I've been under a tremendous amount of stress lately, and have not had a way to relieve the stress.  Ordinarily I'd work out on my lunch hour but have been unable to do so in month.  I am committing to myself to get back to my mid-day workouts.. they were great stress relievers.  I believe these symptoms are a buildup of stress in our lives.  Although you may think you're not stressed your body knows and if you're not getting rid of it, it has to go somewhere.  Remember how powerful our minds are, if it can trick the body into thinking it's pregnant...wow!

I noticed that all of the postings were from LADIES....please ladies we must learn to destress! Take time out for you...lastly by no way am I diagnosing anyone just glad to see I'm not the only one and suggesting something that doesn't require surgery or another useless pill.

Best Wishes, Peace & Blessings!
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I have had this terrible sore tight chest pain with feeling of lump in my throat for around six weeks now.  I've been on Omeprazole and that didn't seem to help at all - just made me feel worse: feeling sick, pains in stomach (that I hadn't had prior) headaches.  Went back to see my Dr. and she changed the tablets but they aren't taking the symptoms away either.  I've starved myself of wine, chocolate, fatty foods.  Lost about half a stone as a consequence, but all to no avail!   Am really getting worried now - I have four young kids and I just don't have time to be ill.  So have waited too long for an appointment to come through from the Health Service so have now booked a private appointment for an endoscopy that's costing me an arm and a leg.  Really worried - but hope it's all down to worry actually and not something much more sinister.  Have also been to A&E and heart, lungs, bloods were all clear although that was nearly four weeks ago now.  Really really stessed out.
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My symptoms began in June. Discomfort in my rib cage more so on the left side. Left side bottom area of my ribs seems to be extended out more so than the right. When I lay on my stomach or on my left side it feels like something is there that shouldnt be. I had a CT scan...nothing showed except for ovarion cysts and a thick uterine lining which I then had to have an internal ultra sound which ended up being fine!

For about 3 weeks now starting as on and off I have had chest discomfort when taking a deep breath. This symptom has become constant through the past week and the chest discomfort is now present all the time, I also ALWAYS have sore shoulders and neck. I should mention I am 32 years old always been healthy, I have 3 daughters, I don't get much sleep and do tend to stress out easily. I am currently awaiting blood test results in which my Dr. is looking for autoimmune diseases. Lupus runs in my family, grandmother on fathers side and cousin on fathers side both suffered from this disease. I will let you all know what I find out next.I wish everyone luck and please post what the outcome was for your symptoms.

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