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Need some Advice

so when i was 16 i got on birth control 18 i got off i quit taking the pills in August i had two periods after i quit taking them and then nothing.   I 2 periods periods in December because i took pills to help me start.  January 2 more periods then nothing.  
Then in April i had one May i had one and June i had one then i Skipped July then August i had one and it was like my normal periods.  September i had one but the blood was like it was in April May and June brown (GROSS) and now still in September and I'm starting my second one.... What should i do about this To get regulated because in the future we want to have kids.  Just not right now but i want to get regulated and start ovulating so that we can have kids in the future .
If anyone says if you worry about it your going to freak your body out... i will freak out because honestly I'm not worried about it!  I just want to be regular have a normal period every 28 days like i use to b4 the birth control ^^ Plus i have like no time for a kid and such.  i need to worry about getting healthy, working, making money, and getting out of debt... So my husband and i can get out of this apartment and into a house so we can start a family.  Plus i have 2 dogs that acts like kids.  So what should i do about my periods?  Just let it fix its self or go to a DR?  Does anyone know of like over the counter pills i could take that would help me regulate but not prevent me from ovulating?  Because i want to get regular and start ovulating so i can have kids just in the future lol any suggestions would be much appreciated!!!!
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Well girlfiend,we only get one body in this life time and we want it in the best shape possible! If yo have been having all these problems with your period there maybe something wrong. Don't just sit around & let it work itself out! Because what if you did this then when you do go to the doctor later down the road it may be too late & you may not be able to have kids at all. So go ahead  & make that appointment to see OB-GYN. Much luck to you sweetie!
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Well i have been to several different DR one said that i had PCOS and that was then end of it the other one i went to was an OBGYN and she was ganna put me on several different pills and at the time i wasn't having periods then the day after seeing her i started my period and come to find out... i didn't start my period i just had a little bit of blood on my toilet paper but nothing on my underwear i put a pad on and i went to the bath room 4 5 hrs later Nothing clean pad and toilet paper so confused idk what is going on
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Should ask for a recommendation from your Dr.
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