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Need help on female condition

I am dating a girl whose has the following condition but i got interested in her so much that im scared to ask her on a few conditions

1. Her hands were shiny and wrinkled with black areas around joints. My moms hands were more girl like but if i closed my eyes i would never feel that its a girls hand, but they were small and felt more boyish

2. She was very emotional and was in depression in the past. When she met me, she said that i was a blessing in her life, Besides she used to hold my hand very often, kiss me too often, she insisted that i kissed her over her boobs, but she always was scared not to show her vagina

3. I used to touch her vagina between her legs but i never felt anything over her pants, but she used to get wet and aroused. I had once touched her above her vagina and i felt a small little lump there. I couldnt figure out that and never asked her about it later on when i touched her between her legs and above, i didnt find anything of that sort. She always insisted that i should not get into her underwear or everything will be finished. She said that she wanted to marry me after which i could have sex with her, And i agreed

4. I touched her bare butts all the time, but it was more like touching my very own butt. They were soft, but ive felt a womans butt on their skirts and they felt great. It was different with this girl

5.She is a Physical Therapist by profession in the Chicago area, but physically she is very strong just like a man

6 She did mention that she has periods and she is 32 years as of now. She is losing hair from her head

7. She has wide hips and a rectangular body. She has huge breasts, but i dont get horny after pressing them

8 She is very social and loves to hug any man. She can cry like a girl for no reason

Ive broken up with her but i like her but all i like to know that if she was a girl with some skin condition or something else
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Do you know if she took an hormones or did you see her take any injectables or tablets/vitamins/pills?
Do you know if she had frequent doctor appointment or any previous or any future planned surgical proceedures?
Based on the implications of your text, you may have been dating a trams gender woman in the process of transitioning. Hormones can cause many skin ailments and emotional ups and downs. Otherwise she may have been born with both male and female genetalia and identifies herself as female. She is a female so if you are sexually attracted to women then you have nothing to be concerned over in regards to confusing thoughts about your own sexuality because she is indeed, a woman. If you really like her then there is no harm in approaching the topic with her. At the end of the day, love does conquer all. It's actually the entire purpose and cure-all for all of life's turbulences. No ones judgement can affect your relationship other than your own. She's a woman and that's that. Talk to her and take a chance at being happy. Be sensitive with your approach, be ready and willing to listen to her story, ask questions if you have them and whether or not you are okay with the situation, enter the conversation as a friend with unconditional support and understanding. You can do this.
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i think u were just dating a guy. uv bn describing a boy through out all this, i mean wat 32 yr old doesnt want a guy to go down on her or hv sex with her? "...not get into her underwear or evrthn will be finished"...definately a boy.
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