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Need help reading lumbar puncture results

I recently had a lumbar puncture done and I'm having a hard time reading the results. rhe receptionist at the neurologist only told me the dr signed off on them so I assumed they were normal. However, I'm not sure that I trust them after they failed to contact me regarding an abnormal MRI and they have never sent me the card they are suppose to send when results are normal. I had to call up there to find out if they even got the results back yet. The neuro referred me to an infectious disease specialist. This could be because I tested positive for EBV but again, who knows with him. I'm confused with the IgG level and what nucl cells are. Everything else kind of explains itself and seems normal. Any help would be appreciated.

Protein CSF  35 mg/dL  Reference Range: 15-45
Glucose CSF  62 mg/dL   Reference Range: 40-80
India Ink Prep   No Exapsulated Yeast Seen
Gram Stain (Final)  No Organisms Seen
Culture Result (Final) No Growth 3 days
Appearance: Clear
Color: Colorless
RBC: 9 mm
Nucl Cells, Fluid: 2 mm
Test Method: Automated Flow Cytometry Advia 120
Tube #2
Myelin Basic Protein: 1.05 ng/mL   Reference Range: 0.07-4.10
Immunoglobulin G (IgG): 691 A  mg/dL   Reference Range: 768-1632
IgG, CSF: 2.9 mg/dL  Reference Range: 0.0-6.0
Albumin, Serum: 3530 mg/dL  Reference Range: 3500-5200
Albumin, CSF: 30 mg/dL  Reference Range: 0-35
Albumin Index: 8.5   Reference: 0.0-9.0
IgG Index: 0.49  Reference: 0.28-0.66
CSF IgG/Alb Ratio: 0.10  Reference: 0.09-0.25
CSF Oligo Bands: Neg
IgG Synthesis Rate: 0.0  Reference: 0.0-8.0

Viral Culture: Culture received and in progress. Final results pending.

EBV by PCR: Negative
Interpretation: EBV by PCR

Lyme IgG WB CSF: Negative   Reference: Negative
Lyme IgM WB CSF: Negative   Reference: Negative
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I am not a doctor but I am a lab tech who has done these tests in a lab.  They all look good and nothing abnormal.  
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The only ones I don't understand are RBC, which from what I understand should not be in CSF. If so, it indicates either bleeding or the dr hit a blood vessel. I'm not a dr but I would think if he hit a blood vessel the fluid would be tinged a bit? I saw it as he was transferring it to the vials. It was clear and normal looking.

I don't know what Nucl Cells, Fluid are. Also, it says the interpretation is EBV by PCR but I tested positive for EBV through blood work so I'm sure this is probably why.

The IgG is also below the normal ranges. I'm not sure what this indicates but could be the EBV also.
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