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Need to connect the dots!

I have several things going on at the same time, but it feels like different doctors are looking at different parts and are coming up with different answers. No one seems to be listening to me, and I'm feeling frustrated. Here's the scoop:

- Spring 2021: Blood pressure mysteriously goes up. My regular 120/70 suddenly became 140s/90s. Begin medication to bring down BP. Kidneys are fine.

- August 2021: ER visit with heart attack symptoms. No heart attack evident, no pulmonary embolism, but D-Dimer is slightly elevated (.56 mcg, should be unfer .5). They chalked it up to a panic attack and sent me home.

- Fall 2021: BP still not regulated. Increased meds (HCT 25 and Lisinopril 20).

- December 2021: BP finally down with meds! I'm consistently under my old 120/70, even. But I'm nauseated all the time and newly dizzy with exertion (POTS-type symptoms). Is it the BP meds? Relatively new antidepressant (Fetzima)? No one seems to think it's BP or med-related. Trip to ER for extreme abdominal pain. The diagnosis a UTI, don't mention a cyst in my uterus lining or D-dimer at 26 mcg (again, it should be under .5) Thank goodness for MyChart, so I followed up with OB. Uterine u/s, OB isn't concerned, come back in 6 mos.

- January 2022: Losing weight due to constant nausea, dizzyness and sudden BP drops continue. They throw me some anti-nausea meds, schedule a stress test. They also refer me to a GI to figure out the nausea? They don't see it as related to anything else going on. Period goes off the rails and starts happening every two weeks.

- February 2022: I've lost 20 lbs since Christmas. Stress test says sinus tachycardia, abnormal T-waves, but I make it 9+ minutes, so they're not worried. Referral to cardiologist anyway. New chest pain on right side for a week---like costochondritis, but there's also a lump on my rib. X-ray says no fracture.

-This past weekend (Feb 20, 2022): Pain on my chest gets worse again, lump is now larger, so I reach back out to my doc. I get the weird response of, "Since you had cholecystectomy, symptoms cannot be due to gallbladder, however, will check liver, otherwise may have to contact GI doctor to check pancreas." I remind her it's in my upper chest, not abdomen, and she replies, "A rib is bony and cannot swell, the structures underneath it can. Hence the US." None of those structures are in my chest. What? And what u/s?! Is that something the GI is supposed to do? On my chest? Cardiologist visit, and she scheduled a tilt-table test and echocardiogram for March.

So that's where I'm at. I don't know what caused the initial spike in BP. My metabolic panels always come back fine except for glucose being around 122. They've checked my thyroid, H.pylori all negative. My D-dimer is now back down to .56. Any imaging, bloodwork, etc, seems to get the all-clear.

I feel like my body is gaslighting me! I feel terrible all the time, losing weight, in pain. I sleep like junk and wake up nauseated with that spot on my chest/rib hurting. I'm going in five different directions with no answers anywhere. When do they assign me a House, M.D. to connect the dots?! (Pretty sure it's not lupus...)
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I don’t have an answer. But my fiancé has been dealing with similar issues and getting the ring around from every doctor as well. They’ll send you to get one thing checked and it’ll show nothing. They check off a box and it’s like pulling teeth for them to look into what’s actually causing the symptoms. Even though they are quick to treat the symptoms with meds but not look harder for the root issue. Sorry you’re going through all of this
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I wish more docs saw it like a mystery to solve and got all the way to the core. Start a thread about your fiance and we'll try to help.
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