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Nerve Pain/Body Aches/Muscle Twitching. What is wrong with me?

Hello, I am a 20 year old male. Recently I've been experiencing some very strange symptoms. About 2 weeks ago I was diagnosed with 'Strep Throat' with no sore throat or upper respiratory congestion, around that time I had a really bad pressure-like headache and no other symptoms. I went to my local ER and they prescribed me Amoxicillin antibiotics. I began taking the antibiotics for several days and my symptoms still lingered. I've had blood work done, urine samples, and a CT scan done on my head, and they all came out normal.

The past few days I've experienced nerve pain all throughout my body more specifically in my legs and arms, muscle spasms, no appetite, a few dry coughs, diarrhea, I've been really weak and fatigued also, I had an ER visit last night and all they did was give me Ativan to calm me down, then I felt normal for a few hours. Does that mean all of this could be anxiety related? Or could these be signs of HIV? It sure doesn't feel like anxiety being that these symptoms are ongoing and constant, they feel very real, although the feelings of my symptoms does cause anxiety itself.

The last few days I've still been experiencing nerve pain with deep chest pain and pelvic/prostatic pain along with heavy fatigue, body aches and blurred vision with no appetite. The last doctor I've seen only said that I may have some type of 'Viral Infection'. And all blood and urine work has came out normal.

I really feel like I'm being misdiagnosed here, has anyone experienced something similar? Could anyone give me suggestions as to what I should do? Please help! Serious replies only please!
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It sounds like a virus and they can last from 24 hours up to 2 weeks.  I doubt its HIV but if you have had unprotected sex it's a good ideal to get tested often as long as you have sexual encounters especially with more than 1 partner.  My advice is just give it a little time and see if you get better.  

And yes, stress can cause all the problems you are having, so you may need to inventory and see what you can get rid of to make things less stressful.  Our bodies react in strange ways when under a lot stress or anxiety from worrying about things too much.  Remember a little stress is good but too much is bad for your overall health.
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I don't feel like I'm stressing though, the only thing I'm really stressing about is the symptoms that I'm experiencing and how their pretty much constant. The doctors I've been to have not detected anything extremely out of the norm, but I feel like there is something else wrong, my symptoms are pretty horrible and frightening.
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Anxiety can cause all these symptoms but you d
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Don't always feel stressed about something to have anxiety it can be a chemical thing but i suggest getting another opinion even if you trust your doctor sometimes they just don't get it right. Also sometimes we know our body if something doesn't feel right from personal experience I know this to be very true. I would go with your gut so to speak. I hope you find answers and back to feeling better soon.
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Can anxiety cause nerve tingling/pain all throughout my body that is nearly almost debilitating? Thats my biggest thing I'm in distress about at the moment. I feel like something else is going on but no doctors are giving me answers. :(
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Stress can cause all kinds of problems but you may have something else going on and may need to see a Neurologist who can better treat.  

I know how frustrating this can be.  I myself was in perfect shape two years ago and out of the blue my waist down completely locked up and put me temporarily in a wheel chair.  Since then I can't walk, sit, or stand for minimal amount of time and I have severe muscle spasm, blurred vision, headaches, tremors and list goes on and I've been to several doctors and they have been of no help.  I've been confined to a bed and I know how you feel.  But you are young and be persistent and don't give up.  We know our bodies better than they do, but from experience stress has caused my symptoms to worsen.
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