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Nervous Shocks?

Whenever I am sleeping on the right side of my bed, I suddenly get nightmares and then whenever the nightmare has passed, my right rib starts hurting so bad it feels worse than a nervous shock. Also sometimes when im in a deep sleep, I suddenly wake up, but still asleep when I wake up. I looked up what it could be, and all it goes to is side efffects in the brain and astral projection. I dont think I astral project because I have never had an outer body experience before. I know this because I watch a lot of horror movies such as insidious, and I can't astral project at all. Ive tried to but all that happened was sleep. Also when I am asleep I have a bad nightmare like im riding a rollercoaster and when im asleep I can feel wind on my face, and if the rollercoaster crashes i can feel my self falling off my bed, or falling through it, and sometimes if I and going through a nightmare like a wolf is eating me alive, my rib starts hurtings so bad, that I cant wake up untill someone wakes me up. I hate deep sleep because when I try to move I cant, I feel stuck right where I am. Someone please tell me whats going on with me, I'm so terrified.
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i get thisit could be a sleep disorder, its like someone is lying on you and you can not get up its a sleep didsorder
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It does sound like a sleep disorder.  There are clinics where you spend the night and they monitor your brain waves during the various stages of sleep. It's painless and there are treatments if you do have a sleep disorder.  Maybe the horror movies are making it worse?
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You could have a sleep disorder, but this also maybe some sort of mental health trauma you are processing. And NO I'm not saying you are crazy! Everyone is so afraid of the words mental health! What I am saying is that dreams and nightmares are a direct reflection of what is going on in our lives in the present (while we are awake). Since you've been having these sleep issues, have you had any sort of trauma? Such as: death in the family, a break-up, difficult time at school, or deeper issues such as past traumas that you never wanted to deal with that now maybe surfacing whether you want them to or not? If you aren't experiencing anything abnormally stressful right now, then I would seek medical advice; however, if you are having more anxiety than usual or going through a very difficult period in your life right now, then definately see a mental health therapist. Don't worry, seeing a therapist DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE CRAZY OR WEAK! Trust me, I am one and I have mine on speed dial! :) People who seek therapy are the strong, smart ones because they want to deal with their issues head on and move on rather than languish in misery! Hope this was helpful! Best of luck!
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