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Neural weakness-Pain in arms

Lately, I was feeling pain (nerves and muscles) in arms, burning feeling and stiffness too. The feeling is on my arms, shoulders, on every side of my neck. Before 10 days I working on my pc when I felt all these symptoms go worse and suddenly my nervous system went weaker, I have difficulties on speaking and feel sth like internal tremor to my body. I have pain in my eyes too. Suddenly I start to feel exhausted and hypersensitive for usual things in my life.

In this point I have to mention that I suffered from these symptoms but these severe symptoms gradually disappeared. Unfortunately, they came back.

What I believe: As I my MRI (on head and neck) last year was clear, I can only think that all these problems are caused  by my intensive pc working. It  can't be random thing, that when I try to sit on my chair and use pc, the symptoms on my arms get worse. Especially on my right arm, which is logical to happen, because I move it more while I am working with my mouse.

Sorry for my English, I tried to describe the situation as clearly as I could. I wait for your opinion. Which specialist can help me? What I finally have?
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One of the most common causes of neck pain is poor posture while using computers and cell phones.  Tilting your head down puts a ton more weight on your vertibrae than sitting up straight.  Do this long enough and you get problems.  
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Thank you so much.  I have stopped using my office pc, and I use now only tablet. Last night I had sleeping issues, I feel something like more than normal "energy" on them. An "energy" level which makes me to have a difficult sleep time. I have still nerves pain in my arms. My arms and legs don't have the feeling they used to have, I feel them somewhat jelly.
You should check your posture when using your tablet since people usually look downward at those too.Or you might have a repetitive strain injury. It is difficult to self diagnose this situation and no one here can diagnose either.

If your posture is corrected but the pain doesn't go away, the first step for a diagnosis is to see your doctor for a referral to a specialist, if he feels there is a problem. You list a few complaints, so they may be unrelated issues and a doctor can try to sort them out to see if he can help you.
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