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Never Thirsty

I have always had the problem of not drinking enough but in the last several months I have lost all urges to drink any kind of fluid. I am 18 years old, female, 5'2", and 110 lbs. I never feel dehydrated or get that dry feeling in my throat that makes me want to drink. If I make myself drink water I feel sick (not throwing up sick but the feeling you get after you drink a lot of water and try to drink more). This sick feeling makes me even less willing to drink water. It is easier to drink other liquids like milk or tea but I never crave them. Despite the fact that I drink anywhere from 0-8 Fl OZ a day my pee is still very light in color and has no odor.

About a year ago I had very bad chronic headaches that were not diagnosed as migraines. I went through very many different medicine trials but nothing touched the headache. A few months ago they just stopped but their cause was never discovered. I have had several brain traumas throughout my life and stopped having my period about a year ago after having it for 4 years. All of this started happening around the same time but after all of the scans and tests done at the hospital everything came up normal.

This not drinking thing but still appearing hydrated is not normal. Any tips you can give me would be great.
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You don't need to drink if your foods contain lots of moisture.  What you excrete (your urine) is an excellent guide as to whether you're getting enough water.  Medium dark or dark urine suggest you would need to consume more water -- you might like it better if it's flavoured and/or chilled.  Fresh urine should not have an odour.  Do you smoke, or live / work amongst smokers?

You might try green tea and acquire a liking for it.  It's a very healthy choice for several reasons, but does contain caffeine (so is not well suited at times if anxiety were a major concern).
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I think the bigger concern,  besides the idle curiosity about why you don't experience feeling thirsty,  is that your period stopped for a whole year around the time you were having severe headaches.  

Did the doctors just shrug and give up,  and you still aren't menstruating?
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the doctors basically gave up. We did a LOT of tests and scans and everything was normal. If I had a tumor or something they would have found it. And yes I have not had my period since about a year ago when the headaches started (even though I no longer have the headaches).
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Headaches can be a symptom of changing hormone levels.  A lot of women get headaches during certain parts of their cycle,  and many women get them in the early stages of pregnancy.  

So the headaches and cessation of menstruation could be related.

Do you exercise a LOT?  At 5'2" and 110 pounds,  you're not too thin to be having periods - your weight sounds perfect.

But if you're exercising a lot,  that can cause cessation of menstruation.
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The reason it's important,  Lolli, to find out why you've stopped menstruating is lack of periods means your body is in distress for some reason.  Fertility shuts down if your body isn't functioning well - it's saying,  we're barely holding on here,  can't take on a pregnancy.  

I'm very surprised your doctors just shrugged and went on.  You probably should seek help elsewhere.

Best wishes.
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