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No diagnosis - abdominal pain, fever, sever headaches, ulcers

Started as abdominal pain, got worse over 5 days. Pain severe (7-8/10) when breathing deeply, pressing centre upper abdomen or lying on side. Pain sharp/stabbing in the centre &radiates to right&back. Pain a constant 2-3/10 when lying/standing in comfortable position and breathing into upper chest. Also fever occurred daily (~5h/day) reaching 38.5 accompanied by chills &muscle weakness, usually occurring in afternoon followed by drenching night sweats. Day 2 developed mouth and genital ulcers. Day 5 abdominal pain began to subside, almost gone now (day 8). Fever is also gone. Day 5 when other symptoms subsiding, excruciating headaches began (8or9/10) unable to move or open eyes, nausea, unresponsive to panadol/neurofen. I get migraines about once/yr, they only last a couple of hrs. This pain lasted 2 days. At its worst, pain was worse than a migraine. Imigran brought pain down to 5, but would worsen again after a few hrs. Only a few hrs per day of complete relief. Pain was pressure behind both eyes & infrequent sharp stabbing pain in right side of head. Sensitive to light during this time. Blood and urine tests, X-rays, ultrasound were inconclusive. Blood tests ruled out bacterial infection but showed body under severe stress. No signs of infection in pancreas/ gallbladder. Genital ulcers negative for herpes/yeast. Normal stool & urine consistency, colour, frequency, no blood. Doctor thinks it may be pleurisy of diaphragm caused by virus. Have not yet told Dr about headaches. Symptoms are best they've been now, dull headache & occasional stabbing pain, mild abdominal pain on deep breaths, ulcers are sore & severely fatigued. I’m concerned about lupus/bechets or other syndromes, but I don't know how long attacks usually last with these diseases. Or could all these symptoms be explained by a one off viral infection? Not sexually active, dont drink/smoke, normal diet, fit&active, healthy BMI & muscle mass. Caucasian Australian 26yo female & have not been travelling.
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Viral infections can present with a multitude of symptoms, each more baffling than the other. However, severe upper abdominal pain (especially on pressing) with chills and fever can be due to viral hepatitis, malaria or due to pancreatitis. In all these cases the pain gets referred to back due to involvement of either liver or pancreas. These need to be ruled out by liver function tests, pancreatic enzymes, ultrasound, test for malarial parasite. If the infection is viral in origin, it can cause severe headache not responding to medication.

Dengue is another possibility and upper abdominal pain that aggravates on pressing due to bleeds in liver, stomach, spleen etc. This can be diagnosed by special test for dengue and by CBC and platelet count. H1N1 infection too can present with fever, headache and abdominal pain.

Since there is no gas, change in stool frequency or color, chances of any irritable bowel syndrome or gut flu is less. It can be a lupus associated pain and fever, but less likely to start this way. Also lupus is unlikely to cause high fever, severe headache or abdominal pain.

A comprehensive investigation is required keeping all the points in mind. Please consult your doctor regarding this.

I sincerely hope you will find this information useful in your journey towards better health.

Hope you get well soon! Good Luck and take care!
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Where do live in Australia approximately? http://symptomchecker.isabelhealthcare.com/suggest_diagnoses_advanced/landing_page  -try this.
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The description of headaches seems to exceed all documented  head aches types- worse than cluster headaches- is it just they don't classify head ache types for indirect causes or it some other reason?
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