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No idea what's wrong

I have been sick for the past month and it has been utterly miserable. Every time I wake up I have intense stomach pain and it's hard to even get up, followed by diarrhea almost every time I have to use the restroom. Sometimes the nausea is so bad, and I'm always feeling having to vomit and most of the time I do. I went to the doctor and I was told it was either hepatitis (already had my shots) or some type of infection. I went ahead to get blood work done (I'm not sure what all they looked at) but everything came out normal. That was a week ago and things still have not gotten better, any ideas??
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For the next short little while, consider doing a BRAT diet.
Include some bone broth (hopefully from pastured cattle, or store bought organic in powder form) and probiotics of the best quality you can afford.

After your system, settles down some, you can do a food elimination, which is going to take a long time.

If I were you, I would first cut out wheat and gluten and if you are tough-minded, cut out dairy as well at the same time, since these groups are very high on the sensitivity list.
Also 50% of people with sensitivity to gluten, are also sensitive to dairy.
This part of the elimination would take the longest, due to the long-lasting effects of gluten in the body, well  after total elimination!

Continue the probiotics, or even better for the long-term, look into prebiotics and optimizing your diet to include foods which increase naturally your healthy bacterial flora.

Avoid like the plague any foods which do not add good nutritional value, reduce stress and anxiety where possible and look into additional ways of strengthening your immune system.

If not sure how to go about it, please post again.

There are many knowledgeable members here, who can offer some suggestions .

Best wishes,
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Hello~I hope that by now you are feeling lots better. If you are still having some issues, I would certainly see a gastroenterologist for some tests.
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