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Node behind ear lobe

Thanks in advance for anyone who has any insight into my question.

I recently had a small lump directly behind one ear lobe almost in the crease.

I did panic. I got it checked, one person said he thought it was just a benign cyst (wasn't 100%) a week later a triage nurse said it was a lymph node. A third doctor said it could've been either.

My question is, the cyst or node never formed a head but was definitely attached to the skin layer. I thought nodes were always under the skin??

Also the other nodes under the ear didn't change size at all, some medical diagrams don't even show a node directly behind the ear lobe, so i left 3 appointments none the wiser..

I did constantly prod and check it. If it was a node I do get allergies or it could've been something else.

Any ideas of where I can get more information of theses specific nodes, it's quite important.
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Blue, you can check out the following site if you have not done so already.


I am surprised the doctor did not tell you what it is. From my understanding a swollen lymph node is normally caused by some type of infection, which should be able to be detected by a blood test. As for a cyst, I'm surprised the doctor could not just insert a syringe into the "lump" and see what it is filled with.
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It could be either a lymph node or cyst.  The key is to watch it.  More than likely it will go away.  
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Has your lump gone now?

It sounds like you had or still have a boil.  They will eventually go, or may fill up with puss and come to form a head for rubbish to come out.

An antiseptic or antibacterial cream will help
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By the time i'd gone to the third it had gone down, so he sort of left me saying it could have been either..

The first was actually a pharmacist that said it was a cyst, although a highly trusted one that has been there for years and no doubt seen many people. Second was a triage nurse that said it was a node.

The doctors here are so rushed, they just don't seem to care
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I can tell you that it is not a cyst. A cyst does not go down as you put it on it's own. They have to be "drained" by a doctor or surgically removed. If it is going down on it's own, I would not worry about it.
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Thanks flipper, I've got something similar on my back that hasn't gone away, it s a boil. The lump behind my ear could be either. I do get the odd spot that doesn't come to a head as such, that show up from time to time. I just wish I'd got it looked at properly straight away as the to doctors were just quite vague about it, not much help to me!
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