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Normal LFT and liver pain.

Since August have had dull ache beneath right ribs and also in abdomen 3” below ribs, tends to not always be in the same spot. Discomfort rather than overt pain.

Previously suffered dull ache beneath right ribs(c.2008) and had diagnostic tests, including blood and ultrasound images. Results negative. Recent LFT results negative.

Unexplained weight loss (1.5 stone since September).
The amount of food I can eat is restricted as when my stomach stretches it aggravates the abdominal ache.

Doctor says it's a trapped nerve. Had one glass of wine 3 days ago (have had 17 units in 4 months) and suffrered pinching pain and burning in liver area. Otherwise feel and look OK, however now very concerned. Must wait 20 weeks to see an NHS consultant.
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Thank you so much for your kind response. I'm very touched that you took the trouble to respond. I have seen a gastroenterologist today (privately) and he is arranging tests, including blood tests and a camera. I will ask for a HIDA scan as I would like to rule out my liver.

It is such a relief to be taken seriously.
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Since liver and gall bladder problems are ruled out (plz go for HIDA scan to be on safer side) and since you are losing weight, go for endoscopy. You either have severe duodenal ulcer or IBS that is affecting absorption of food. Please consult a gastroenterologist.
Hope this helps. Take care!
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