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Not normal breathing difficulties

What is causing me to feel like I am suffocating sometimes? Last time it happened it was extremly muggy, but it seems like everyday is a battle for me to live right now. I am experiencing a weird feeling on my left side under my ribs and it seems as though they are sticking out just a little bit more than normal. My nose also feels like a dry block almost every day. This has been going on for some months now and is really concerning me because my anxiety is really high. I also had my appendix taken out at the end of April 08. It was infected w/gangrene, lodged behind my colon and perforated...also i guess there was some rare bacteria associated with it. I feel like I am never hungry anymore, but i eat just because. Then like 5 years ago I had surgery to repair a fractured orbital bone on the right side of my face. One last thing I wanna note is after I got out of the hospital from my appendectomy it seemed like that rib thing started, my eyes seem bloodshot a lot too. Last my head sometimes feels really funky or if i bend down or over the blood flowing feels weird. I was experiencing some bowel issues recently also but it probably associated with everything healing...I hope.

Thank you,
and if anyone has some suggestions it would be greatly appreciated...maybe someone who has similar problems could tell
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I have as well been having almost the same problems, I had surgrey Nov, 06 and ever since then i have been having problems breathing. It feels like i have pressure on my chest and i cant get a deep breath but its only on my left side. sometimes it feels cold like a ice cube on my chest and the drs say they cant find anything. please email me @ emily_oquinn78***@****..
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Do you feel breathlessness anytime during the day? Do you feel any pain in the left lower chest? If the answer t any of the above questions is Yes, then I would suggest you to get an X-ray of the chest done. If it’s No, then there’s not much to worry about. Do you get repeated attacks of sinusitis (infection/inflammation of the sinuses), which could be the reason for your dry blocked nose. I’ll suggest you to inhale steam 2-3 times in a day and I’m sure you’ll feel better. If you put some eucalyptus oil/leaves in the hot water, it’ll be really good.

You seem quite anxious about your illness as you have recently undergone a surgery and may be you have not able to come out of the tumultuous moments. It’ll be good if you consult your physician and maybe you’ll need some anxiolytics.

I hope that has helped.

Please do keep me posted.

Kind Regards.  
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I found out that my left diaphragm is elevated which has caused some of my breathing problems. What caused this...??? No one knows and no one yet knows how to treat it or what to do next for it. I just seen a thoracic surgeon and he doesnt want to sew it down because of my age, and because he doesnt know what caused it. So now I am stuck with this, and it really puts a damper on my life right now. I used to be active, and now I feel weird doing normal activities.

I pray for all with health issues that can't be solved.
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