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Not responding to antibiotics

I am a 50-year old woman who began experiencing a very sore throat with accompanying swollen glands a month ago.  I was unable to secure an appointment with my regular doctor quickly enough, so I originally went to Urgent Care in my town.  At that office, I was diagnosed with an acute respiratory infection and, without even taking any kinds of tests, was prescribed a Z-pack.  I completed the Z-pack treatment with no results.  I then finally had an appointment with my GP, who also did NO tests, and am currently taking 875 mg of amoxicillin twice a day.  I began this treatment on Tuesday, and it is now Saturday.  I literally wake up in the middle of the night crying from the pain (it feels like I'm trying to swallow razor blades) and the swelling in my glands has not gone down.  I have no fever, no aches and/or pains, and am eating ibuprofen like chiclets because I'm so desperate for some type of relief.  Oh, early on into this illness, I also developed large sores under my tongue.  These canker sores are not something that I am prone to on a regular basis.  I plan on contacting my doctor on Monday, but any ideas in the meantime?  Thanks for any help!
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Hi there,
I had a crazy bout of something similar to this.. Additionally my gums were bleeding and swollen-- and my lips were cracked.. I had probably a dozen canker sores in my mouth, under my tongue, (hurt so bad I could barely eat), and my tongue was irritated... Just horrible pain
I tried herbal antibiotics nothing was working and couldn't figure it out-- went to my dentist and he told me its probably stress (which I didn't believe cause this had never happened)
In my case, I was allergic to the silverware i was using, changed it and I haven't had a problem since..
If you haven't changed silverware recently-- just know that if you cook with a normal, metal spoon (vs a wooden utensil) food sometimes leeches the metal, because of the heat-- and if the food is acidic like tomato or lemon, even more so.
That was my problem.. Maybe that helps? Wish you the best and good luck!
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