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Numb Head jaw feelings

After two months I have finally found my problem that causes numb jaw and head feelings.  Im waiting to go to the doctor.  In the meantime, Im trying to figure out which it could be, a muscle or lymph nodes.  Something is swollen and pretty large, 3 spots along back of my left neck.  I barely push and there goes my numb head.  Let go and it leaves.  So now, anyone know the answer to this.  How can you differiate between swollen lymph nodes and muscles.  Ive done some research, and the cervical and spinal access nerves are right along the Sternocleidomast muscle.  Those nodes in particular are highly cancerous when their swollen and spreads.  I have no idea how long these lumpy feelings have been there.  Couple weeks ago I noticed one of them but never thought anything of it.  I dont know if the others were there or not.  Ive been worrying about so much stuff that could be possible, not having a clue what was wrong.  I finally can pinpoint it now and now worrying about lymph cancer.
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Do you think the problem I'm having with the facial tingling could be coming from muscles?  I get a "neckache" I'll call it in the back of my head, near the base of my skull, it burns and feels like it's pulling, my ear on the side sometimes gets a sharp pain in it also, when the burning thing is going on my ear is very sensitive to noise, feels like someone has a megaphone next to it.  I've noticed after you were posting to Josh before that the muscle below my ear, like where your carotid artery would be, is very sore to touch, the facial tingling is worse when I bend my head in either direction, actually that triggers it.  Let me know what you think, you seem very smart at this kinda stuff. Oh, by the way, never no pain in my face, only sore and stiff shoulder and neck pain.  Thank you, have a brandy for me!
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Went to new Dr today.  Hes been in practice almost 30 yrs and is my grandparents doctor.  He used to be a Dr in the Navy.  He asked lots of questions.  I told him my symptons and history. I got the vibe that he knew what the problem was from the get go somehow.  He pressed on 4 spots in my neck while pressing down on my head and asked me if I felt anything different. Im guessing lymph nodes, not sure. Didnt feel anything different.  He said he thought he knew what the problem was but asked me to show him where I think the problem is.  Told him sometimes seems like it starts where the nose and head meet.  That might be a different problem.  Definite spot I told him theres a lump and pointed to where and he said thats what I thought.  He said thats where the C2 is, and its the only nerve that travels up from neck into head.  All the others I guess go down.  He diagnosed me with C2 neurlgia.  He said inflammation, lymph node pinching nerves could cause it.  Didnt say anything about a tumor or artery or lymph node problem.  Contrary to the Neurologist, he said I dont have migraines although C2 headaches can mimic them.  I guess thats where the ear thing is coming from as any increase of noise makes my ears roar for a split second.  Told me to stop the migraine prescriptions from the Neuro.  He said theres three options.  First one is trying Predinose 6 tabs one day 5 the next 4 the next etc.  If that dont work then Topamax.  Doesnt like using it for side effect problems but might be a option.  If that doesnt work then a Corto injection shot.  Said thats kinda a rare thing that hes ever had to do before.  He wants to see my brain and neck MRIs.  Didnt say anything about getting a C-spine.    Theres  two more lumps just from today I can feel in that area.   These also cause head pressure feeling.  Ive noticed just pushing on my head now causes it but goes away when I let go. New symptoms that I couldnt tell him about because just started today.  I so hope hes right.  I know Im not nuts and imagining things.  Finally a doctor that touched my neck.  No one else seemed to care.  In closing, Jenni had a post about Demi knowing alot.  Well let me tell you, Demi posted me a really long post week or two ago, and in that post he said he thought it was a C2 occipital C3 or C4 problem and explained in detail why and what the C2 3 4 are.  Told me about ice/heat which my Dr told me to do heat pad before I go to bed even if I feel good, and cold 30 mins throughout the day.  Demi does know alot.
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Where are you?  I need your advice please!
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2 days ago i had a swollen lymph node on the back of my head, yesterday i started feeling
a numbness around my swollen gland it is a numbness that stays, wat can it be?
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the numbness keeps traveling only on one side of my head. please help!
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Please help!
I suddenly had a sharp pain in the joint of my jaw, right under my ear, two weeks ago and my neck and throat were sore. I went to a doctor thinking I had an ear infection. The doctor said my neck had a cold. Since then the pain has increased terribly to my shoulder and back of left side of skull at the base and it is swollen. There is also some numb and tingling in my jaw and ear. Since Friday night I also started having this zapping feeling that is in my left foot. It feels like the pain in the back of my left skull. This is so bad I can not stand it. I have an appointment with a chiropractor tomorrow. Please tell me what you think.
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Hey, I wanted to find out if you might know what this might be this has only occured twice to me.  The left top side of my head feels like it might be tingling numb or tight like a sunburn type feeling really dont know how else to better to explain it.  This occured lastnight for the second time.  The first time it happened I had just dyed my hair so I figured that it might of been from me dying my hair.  Lastnight it just started to happen to me for no apparent reason.  It still feels like it is still occuring and I dont like it at all it scares me because I worry that it could be a stroke or aneurysm.  Iam a worry wart also I think the worst possible answers to stuff like this.  When I rub my fingers across where the feeling is it feels like its tingly like and tight I guess like somewhat of a sunburn.  Please let me know what I should do and what you might think it could be.  Thanks.  Im a 30 year old female.
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