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Numbness in face and now spreading throughout body

Hello, I'm a 22 yr old female that's been experiencing this random numbness for the past few days...I noticed it about 2 nights ago when I was laying down to go to sleep and I realized the whole right side of my face was numb, which prevented me from feeling my hand on my face (even though I knew I was touching my face). My legs sometimes feel numb as well, I tried to move my leg the other night and I couldn't feel the sheets. Today I realized the numbness has now spread and is now affecting my entire face, including the inside of my mouth ( I can bite on the inside of my cheeks as hard as I can and can barely feel anything) and both of my hands are now experiencing this weird tingling sensation. Just recently went through a really stressful situation and was having anxiety problems so I was prescribed on Xanax for a few months, but stopped taking it after I stopped having the attacks. I'm not too happy with the thought of getting excessive unnecessary tests done, especially considering my financial situation right now. Can anyone help me?
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can I ask you if you are very thin?  this sounds like a circulatory problem.  are you anemic? maybe you can get active every day? walk every day.   i knew 2 young ladies that had this.  fresh dark green leafy veges is good for anemia and other things.this is not supposed to keep you or anyone on medhelp from getting profession help.  maybe you know a nurse? are you taking any other meds that you might be allergic to?  i hate to ask you this, but substances that are poisonous can cause this. were you possibly bitten by a spider or other?  this does not sound good at all.   do you have access to free medical help in your area.  you need to do something quick.
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I am asian so yes, I would say I'm definitely on the more petite side. I haven't seen a doctor yet, but I am going to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. I have been wondering if I should get blood tests done because as I'm getting older, I've realized if I don't eat consistently throughout the day, I get really light-headed and I also lose weight rapidly. >_<  I should definitely start another workout schedule, it's been a while since I've had time to work out so staying active should help right? I'm not taking any other medication that would trigger an allergic reaction and I haven't been bitten lately by any insects of any kind. Thank you for your advice, I just don't know what I'm supposed to do &&  it's irritating that I don't know what's causing this to happen. I've always been pretty healthy, so this really caught me off-guard. I will let everyone know what happens after I get some tests done, wish me luck!
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one of my friends is very petite around 80-90 pounds on a good day and one of her biggest signs of being too thin is if u cross ur legs for 30 minutes and your feet turn a bluish purple color, light headed, and out of breath after walking only a few hundred feet. Being too thin is very serious because ur heart has to work and pump harder to get blood to all parts of ur body and if u dont maintain a healthy weight based on ur BMI you can go into congestive heart failure bc when ur heart works harder the periocardium muscle in ur heart gets thicker and closes in on your heart chambers and is irreversible. So if u think that you may be too thin i suggest Ensure shakes and protein shakes because it is both quick and easy and also helps u maintain a healthy weight
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