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Occasional "throbbing" on left side?


Let me start with a brief background.I am a 33 year old female. Ex smoker, I quit 3 years ago. Have some mild asthma that has occasionally needed a rescue inhaler. Have always had a slight cough, maybe due to allergies plus from when I smoked. I do get tightness in my chest from the asthma but a rescue inhaler quickly clears that up,it's something I have had off and on since I was a teenager...  Anyway, About a year ago I under went a cardio work up due to PVCs.All  came back well but during that testing I developed a pain under my left breast. It came and went, never very sharp but dull ache. My PCP did a full work up, sonogram of my upper ab., Chest Xray, spine xray.... all came back well.Then she went on to have a Chest CT Scan with contrast (about 8 months ago) and after that a thoracic MRI. She said all came back good except for a slight slipped disc in my neck.... She said it very well could be stress and psychosomatic pain.

Let me add to this by saying I am under huge stress,my  father is very sick with cancer and in and our of the hospital, I have 3 small kids and I work full time. I also suffer from health anxiety which is typically under control but it spikes when I get reoccurring aches and pains..

So about a month or so ago I noticed a throbbing pain where my left breast ends, about 5 inches down from my arm pit.It comes and goes, and had gradually gotten a bit more noticeable. It will last a few seconds, then stop, then last a few seconds, then stop.... Sometimes I go days without having it, other times I will have it every few minutes all day. Breathing deeply and exhaling can make it worse sometimes and sometimes changing my position can make it feel better. If I lay down with my left arm kind of extended above my head (almost stretching that area) it seems to help the throbbing go away.

So, my question is this.... Is this a symptom that you have ever found with lung cancer?  Most people I talk to have said it is stress and some kind of muscle / skeletal thing but I wanted to ask you as well and what you would recommend.Thank you very much!
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Does it feel like the ribs or the muscles in between them? Or does it feel like it's underneath?  It sounds like your pain is in the area of your adrenal gland and kidney. Chronic stress does stress out your adrenals.  You might want to read up on Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome, which isn't an officially recognized condition, but it has been researched and documented.  There are natural remedies you can try to help your system recover, especially in the face of so much stress.  Meditation or yoga also really helps.  Good luck!
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