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Occipital Neuralgia or/and Bacterial Fungus Scalp

54 years old, female.
I was quickly diagnosed by a Dermatologist that rushed me through appointment. After three appointments being rushed said; you have some sort Occipital Neuralgia. Did not really listen to me only looked at me strangely and dismissed my symptoms.  I went on a year search for Doctors to treat Occipital Neuralgia and Doctors to treat me. All the while scalp got worse and my hair texture has changed horrifically.

I received steriod injection every two weeks for 2 months and that stopped dagger like pains coming from the top and back of my head. Month 2 no dagger pain.  

Botox helped a little but was disappointed it didn't do more.  This is why I am question...do I also have a bacterial or fungal infection on my scalp???

My hair texture has changed to wire like, extreme broomstraw dry, and in a very short time frame (not the age factor gray hairs). My thyroid is 100% fine too! These other symptoms are bizarre and when outside in sun and run fingers across my hair it get a very odd feeling to touch hair (strange plastic thick feeling to the touch...it's not pleasant at all).  My scalp is now completely covered and hurts constantly...  And feeling is like my hair hurts! Pain is severe!  Those bizarre new hairs tangle with the normal hair and it hurts to comb it out.  
I have no sores,just a little swollen scalp with a little dry scalp too and you can visually see where hair has tangled it can make my hair stand straight up from the tangles.
I am a very clean person and took care of my hair and body.

Could this be bacterial fungus? Can a bacterial fungus untreated for over a year change hair growth and texture? I had long hair past my shoulders.  I cut it off and even shaved my head trying to get relief from this and hair grew back the same but drier! It mats to my scalp now!  There is no denying this fact it's visual!

All of this started when clearing out areas around my arceage surrounding my house. Live in the South where Saw Palmetto leaves needed cutting back from 16 years of growth about 20' feet into the woods.  They were full of some pretty nasty stinking mold and some sort of bug waste.  Really gross!  Of course I showered but was exposed all day in the hot sun until I came inside to shower.  Worked on this for several months being exposed.

This is why I am asking is this more than Occipital! Neurologist said Occipital would not cause hair to hurt...
Who only looks at me as if I am Delusional!!!
Why do Doctors do this?  I am honest about symptoms and just disregarded... I am certainly not a Delusional person nor do I suffer from mental Illness of any kind.  

What do I do now?  What kind of Doctor should I go to in order to be taken serious and not disregarded.  This is awful and I watched it progress to point it's covered my scalp. I need help!
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Hi Melinda.

Please consider changing  PCP and get a new dermatologist who will get  tissue from your scalp tested. It's necessary to know exactly what it is, before any treatment is suggested.
Best wishes,
TY I am currently looking for a Dermatologist that knows about scalp and hair...
So far the receptionist that answer their phones are ridiculous!
I'm not looking for pain medication!!! Geez!!! I am in so much pain I don't know how much longer I can deal with it!   I have had more problems! I see rainbow like zigzags on and off it's bizarre!?
I get Dizzy, Sick to my stomach, my hair feels just like broom straw areas feel awful, and the fine baby hairs that use to line my hair line have completely turned to thick course hairs and are stuck to my scalp I have to pry them up with my finger nails!? I cannot sleep, hurts to lay my head on a pillow.  But when I do sleep I wake up and my hair is so tight around my head I have to pull it lose with a comb. And that causes pressure and a headache.  It takes about 4 hours to comb out my short hair.  I am ready to shave it down to skin again!!!! But want a Doctor to see it first! It's gone from bad to worse.
  It's almost as my hair is attacking my scalp! Strands twist together and pulling effect is horrible!  This is really happening! I swear I have no mental Illness!  I know it sounds crazy!!!

This is the worse thing I have ever experienced.  
I'm not sure how to describe my issue without sounding absolutely out of my mind!!!! It's embarrassing and I cannot believe all this is happening either...  I had long healthy hair a year and a half ago.  What could this even be????
Thankfully I have great health insurance!  But I'm almost too embarrassed to go because the Doctors I have gone to act as if this couldn't be possible without even looking???? Now it's gross and I don't want anyone to think I live nasty because I don't.
It sounds like Morgellons Disease. It can effect your scalp tremendously. Look it up. Just might be the trouble.
Same thing exactly. Please let me know if you would like to exchange emails.
I’m a fact finder so I believe even if it’s Morgelllons there has to be a reason.
I’m learning much through the past year.
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