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Odd Leg Pain

I desperately hope someone takes the time to read this and can give me some ideas as to what can possibly be wrong. The tests at the hospital are taking forever (my next appointment is in two weeks) and always come back negative while every single day I literally feel like I might not make it to tomorrow. I am hoping someone could advise to look into something.

My Symptoms
For awhile, I experienced constant pressure in my chest, shortness of breath and generally feeling sick (weak, lightheaded, etc.) Then arrived the chronic leg pain, which I have been suffering from for months now. It is a dull but intense pain that can be in my thighs or my calves or my knees as it pleases. When I am laying down, the pain and overall sensation is like someone heavy is standing on my legs. It does let up occasionally but it is mostly always present with no apparent trigger. I struggle to fall asleep because of it till 5 am and I wake up with it waiting for me. It often gets difficult to walk as well because of the heaviness and weakness in my lower body. Oddly, when I can make myself go to the gym through the pain and the chest pressure, my aches go away (still do not breathe well though). My legs almost stop hurting completely. However, I cannot work out long because I get dizzy and start feeling like I'm blacking out. On a random day, I feel that way all day even without exercise, afraid to even think about any physical activity. On those days, like right now, I keep my mind busy and expect to pass out at any moment (I never do though).

Shortly before the legs started to ache, I did some blood tests and found that my white count was very low but it gradually got back up. They also found epstein barr but otherwise I was normal.

I had a cat scan and a MRI of my brain done for the dizziness and the feeling sick and it all came back normal. All we found were sinuses.

We also did a stress test for my heart. It came back normal.

When my legs started to ache and would not let up for weeks, I did an arterial doppler and a bone scan. Both came back normal.

In ten days, I have an ECHO at the hospital. I am almost worried that it will be normal. In the meantime I am at my wits end, sitting here in pain, with pressure in my chest and my temples, trying to figure out if my left arm feels numb or if I'm imagining it already. It's rainy today and oddly, the pain is mild. Usually, it's the opposite with the weather.

Am I nuts?

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